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Mobile version? *NM*

It will take some time before it gets much of my bandwidth.
encourage misspelled, uncapitalized, curt messages? My impression is that the quality of messages go down when posted that way on other forums...or I could be jumping to the conclusion that that was the source of the messages from their sloppy content.

I post this thought for the consideration of those running the forums.
ur point?
Burg Boxster - 8 years ago
j/k Mike winking smiley grinning smiley smiling smiley smileys with beer

agree w/ your thoughts as I rarely do more than just view web forums from my 'smart' phone. Predictive text (b/c touch screens are harder to get a "feel" for) while typing email replies gets me in enough trouble or head tilting responses... That being said, a mobile version of this board would be nice to have some day but certainly not a deal breaker. I'm sure my droid phone can load it fast enough as it did ppbb.

Side note about predictive text, there are some websites dedicated to capturing and posting funny "unusual" responses generated by them... some are absolutely hysterical. However, I'll refrain from posting a link as some are profane since they 'learn' (commonly used words I suspect...).

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that a lot of people read and reply to the board from their mobile phones. For some, it means that they can visit more often. I see no reason to discourage that.
and is surprisingly easy to use even considering Kindle's clunky web browser.
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