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Re: Darn if I can find an edit link. Or a delete link (command buttons really I guess)

How often did I hit "Post" and, as the message was whizzing over the wires, notice a misspelling, or think of something that could be added.

I think PPBB limited the editing to several hours after posting so you couldn't go back and be right in a guess you posted but I think the ability just to say something in a more positive way on rethinking the situation was helpful to the forum's karma.
As a major proponent for the ability to edit a message after posting, I of course agree wholeheartedly. IMO about one day of leeway is the "right" amount. As I argued the last time we were debating this, this is not a financial forum where historical revision may be attempted for personal profit-based reasons. This is a social board, and being able to go back and correct embarrassing typos is IMO a harmless thing to allow.
It's the button just to the left of the "Post Message" button. Press it and you can rethink indefinitely.

Once you post something, you can assume others have already read it. If you change a post in a meaningful way then it is confusing for others. If you want to change it in a meaningless way, then well...
Yes you can preview. But once you post you can't correct or add anything. And on many forums you can...and I use it. Mostly spelling errors or to add a thought. IIRC PPBB had it.
After you've posted, view the message and there should be an "Edit" link down in the row of links below the message.
OK, let's see if it works right now.

I'm posting this and then I'm going to add stuff below this line:


And right beneath my message, below the line, the first of 4 or 5 links was "Edit", I pressed it, and I'm editing ;-)

Now I'm going to press the "Save Changes" button below, and presto.

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Reply quote Report Go Back are the buttons within my message

Below that are Newer Topic Older Topic

Below that Print View Mark Read Follow Topic RSS

and then the next message.

--------edit applied ------

now I see the edit button so it must be a timed situation as I just posted this message but I went back to one I had posted perhaps and hour ago and edit didn't show.

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I think the time-out should be on the order of a day, but I don't make the decisions winking smiley

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It is to fix dumb little typos I was too lazy to notice before I hit "post".

Once in a blue moon I'll also realize I should have added an extra sentence to clarify something, and if I realize that within about 30 seconds of my post, I may use the edit feature to add the sentence. But if it is more than a minute or two, I'll use "reply".

Occasionally I'll miss a typo until perhaps an hour or two later, and that's when I really appreciate the ability to go in and fix it.

Of course, there's no guarantee everyone else uses the feature the way I like to use it, but IMHO the overall board experience will be enhanced for everybody if people are allowed to go back and correct their typos for an extended period....I suggest 24 hours. As this is a very "friendly" board (arguably a lot more friendly now that the politics have been exorcised) I just have a lot of trouble imagining that incidents of egregious editing are likely to be frequent enough to outweigh the benefit of board members being allowed to debug their posts for a generous amount of time.

Again, my experience is based on being an admin and mod on financial discussion boards where the potential for deception was much more prevalent. We STILL let people edit their posts, and the only time the practice ever got any attention was when the mods themselves launched into a playful episode of revisionist history with some really old posts, lol.

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Typos can be found by pressing the "check spelling" button before posting.
I had used the edit function like Leor, in a responsible manner not correcting an opinion or trying to make myself look good but as a vehicle to make my reply more accurate, useful and readable. Many other forums use this feature but limit the time for the reply. Because someone using the search feature may pick up the original and not the entire thread, the added fact correction or readability improvement does no harm to the record but improves it IMHO. It is most frequently a typo that is corrected...and within a minute of posting. Spell checking (which I get as I type) doesn't flag all the possible typos (to/too, a/an, etc). For some reason this human picks up things as the send button is operating that he didn't see in a reread before he hit that button. (I'm sure there is a PhD thesis somewhere on that bit of behavior).
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