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Post Counts?

On Rennlist and Dorkiphus the user ID also includes a post count for that user. I find it helpful, as it tends to provide an indicator of how long that person has been on the board and, at least theoretically, how knowledgeable and/or involved they are - it allows me to weight their comments in my own thought process and adjust my own comments based on how much explanation I may think they need.

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Beyond that, there are even forums where a reader of a message can assign value points plus and minus to what a person says which are then displayed as reputation points in future postings by that person.
...and I hate the feature. When I was a mod I'd give myself -2,236,739 point of karma so no one could tell (unless they were paying VERY close attention, which no one would) whether my karma value was going up or down, lol
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