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I've having a bit of trouble with the contrast....while I can read it, it's eye-straining. For example, reading the user ID's with the darker of the alternating backgrounds is tough...also it is somewhat tough to make out when a message is in bold (new message).

I didn't have any trouble with the scheme that was in use on the last board.

Just FYI...it would be nice to see better-contrasting colors.
Just realized there's a little red flag on the new messages...I think before I was looking at all old messages and thinking some subject lines were bolder than others, but that was probably an artifact of the font smoothing on my monitor.

So, just the general contrast comment, scrap the "new messages" comment.
The red flag message topics ARE bolder than the ones that I've previously marked as read.
Yes, that's what I was saying...between the flag and the bold font I can see them clearly. My sole issue now is the generally low contrast of the current color scheme, it's hard on my eyes. It could be worse, and it could be better...
Boxsterra - 8 years ago
I will increase the contrast.
Let me know what you think.
I can see that the darker of the two alternating backgrounds is now "less dark", which makes it easier to see those fonts superimposed on it. If I had control of the colors for myself I'd probably experiment further to find a foreground color for the text that yields yet more contrast (perhaps a brighter one), but this is certainly adequate. Thanks!
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