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Re: April 2013 POTM

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Expect the best, and accept no substitute.
Moderator - April 2013 POTM
986rgt - 6 years ago

Congrats KevinR-MedinaOhio !

Steve Guards Red 1999 I'm not a race car driver, but I play one in 2nd and 3rd gear :D
This pic was taken on the last good weather day of my favorite season: Fall.

Driving a new-to-me '09S in Aqua Blue Metallic. It does .5 past light speed. I made the Kessel run in less than 12-parsecs. Motto: If you have your top up, that storm outside had better have a name! Motto 2: Having the top up on a convertible is an oxymoron. Don't be a (oxy)moron.
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