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Re: BRBS 2014 was a blast!

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I haven't been in 5 years and it is so different now than it used to be. Much better location with views of the mountains (and a rainbow!)

I didn't do any of the fun drives because I was just there to relax, which was wonderful. Saw and reconnected with old friends and made some new ones.

Spent a lot of time just chatting. I'll be anxious to hear others' opinions, raves etc. Karl, Ron, Mary and Nell did a great job in planning. So glad to have gone.smileys with beer
We definitely agree with that! Deb & I were noobs and had a great time. Special thanks to Guenter and Michelle for showing us the ropes and introducing us around. What a fantastic bunch of people who made us feel very welcomed. I cannot say enough good things about the venue and their staff. The planners did a great job and we have booked for next year and are already looking forward to it. Now back to cleaning the 986 and finishing prep of the 951 for a DE this weekend! smiling smiley

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As always, Karl, Ron, Nell and Mary did a magnificent job! And of course, Pedro was the man! What a blast! Already counting the days until next year.

Special thanks to Teresa Covington for the beautiful "Boxster Quilt" Dianne was lucky enough to win. It already has a place of honor in our NC mountain house!

If you have never been, you owe it to yourself to come next year.

mike and Dianne
... see all of the old friends (not that the friends are old ... maybe a little bit) and all of the new ones again at this year's event.
I hope the return trips were less eventful than the trips to the event that had a bunch of blown tires from several participants.
The Planners truly do outdo themselves every year.
I had a blast working with my two other pit-crew'ers Stefan and Maurice.
It was incredible the amount of installations that we were able to do at the event for people that had purchased some of the Techno-Parts.
We installed nine (9) TechnoTooth systems in cars ranging from a '97 Boxster through an '08 Carrera S.
We also installed three (3) TechnoPulley Kits, replaced a headlight switch, an ignition switch, fixed a couple of convertible tops, cleaned out several throttle bodies, read and cleared OBD-II codes and more in just about 7 hours on Saturday. Really unbelievable.
My deepest thanks to Stefan and Maurice for making it all happen.
Hope to see you all and more, once again next year, at BRBS 17.
Happy Porscheing,

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I can't believe how much we got done, especially considering that the electrics on the different cars had several variations that slowed us down.

Once people saw how cool the technoTooth is everyone wanted one.

Fun stuff.
Every year, Michelle and I figure there's no way that Karl and Ron, Nell and Mary can possibly put together a better event, yet every year they manage to do it. smileys with beer

Great getting so see you again, Mer. Your permagrin, with getting back into a Boxster sure shone through.

Hope you can make it for the whole event next year and help us rubber in that newly paved Diamondback.
You people just start getting there earlier and earlier! grinning smiley

It was great to see you Guenter. You were one of the people I was most happy to see.

So, what, about another 350 days or so till BRBS 2015?
Meredith in Atlanta
You people just start getting there earlier and earlier! grinning smiley

It was great to see you Guenter. You were one of the people I was most happy to see.

So, what, about another 350 days or so till BRBS 2015?

Good to see you too, Mer. Great to see you enjoying Boxster ownership again. Permagrin is such a wonderful affliction. smiling smiley
Juliette and I got home around 5PM on Monday. We stayed in Harrisburg, PA with Maurice and Cynthia at a hotel Sunday. Uneventful drive except for the slog up I81 with all the trucks and crazy traffic.

We had a great time as usual and the event was perfectly run as usual. Everyone's great to be around and I have to give some special thanks to:

Ron, Mary, Nell and Karl for putting on a great event.

Karl and Nell again for loaning us the nice Lexus for our trip to Harmony Porsche in Asheville to get the tire work done.

Dave and Emily Simon for putting us up Sunday night. We really enjoyed the extra time we spent together this year.

Claro, Dave, Jeff, Roy, Stefan (and of course Emily and Juliette) for getting Juliette and I out of the jam with my blown tire on 221. This would have been a bad situation if it was just Juliette and I. 7 miles from cell service up 221 towards Grandfather Mt. in the rain. No spare and the tire goo fill didn't work. Classic example of BRBS teamwork. Thank god that Boxster doughnut cleared the GT3 brakes!

We've already booked starting on Monday again in 2015. The extra days really make for a nice stay in the area.

Counting down already.

He had to cut BRBS short.....

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I must learn more. We are in Toronto. This sounds like fun!
I must learn more. We are in Toronto. This sounds like fun!

You'd love it Dave, specially if you love driving on twisty roads, beautiful scenery, lots of great food and most of all great people.

You can find out more at [www.brbs.org]

Only 340 days to go!
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