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The Mrs and I headed up to the area this past Saturday to open up our cabin. We are about 10 miles from Little Switzerland. We are just off the Blue Ridge Parkway near the Mt. Mitchell Golf Course. Things are nice up here...a little cool and rainy and the trees are just starting to bud and the dogwood's are blooming! Very nice to be able to see a LOT more without any leaves on the trees!

We are super excited to head back up the end of next month for our first Summit!!! Still waiting to get the email so we can register and make our first one 'official'!!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone up here soon!!!

Scott & Becky
Naples, FL & Burnsville, NC
... enjoy!
Happy Boxstering,

Pedro Bonilla
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Too funny...I post this and not soon after I receive the email that registration is open! Woohoo!
...you know. Get the Diamondback all rubbered in for those of us not making it down till the end of May. grinning smiley

LOL! I wish I could be doing that! It's been raining since we arrived! If it dries up some, maybe I'll get some down in the corners! See you soon!
"A mile of highway will take you one mile. A mile of runway will take you anywhere."
Yeah Gary, it's just the typical spring time weather up here! We are trying to do some outside projects to the cabin and it's putting a damper on that! The weather can be unpredictable up here this time of year. We've been coming up here in the spring to open our place for the past 15+ years and it is ususally cold, a little rainy and yes, foggy! We came home from Spruce Pine yesterday and the Parkway was blanketed with fog. Very cool!!!

OK, see ya'll next month!!
...not that I usually pick it up winking smiley and before you ask, no, I'm not Canadian. smileys with beer

"A mile of highway will take you one mile. A mile of runway will take you anywhere."
I can imagine! LOL...maybe we will need at least one night with some 'bad' weather!
Perhaps we will be able to discuss the weather over a few Gary!

991 'S'
It was a BEAUTIFUL day here today! The sun actually came out...skies were blue and it went up to 72 degrees! We headed out to Spruce Pine for a wonderful lunch at The Knife & Fork.(we go here everytime we visit-excellent food! The owner, Nate, is a super nice guy too!) Did a little shopping as well. Hit WallyWorld on the way out and then returned home. The rain started up just around dinner time...but I stayed dry while grilling up some Buffalo style chicken!

The time has flown by and we will be returning home to FL this Sunday or Monday.

See ya'll soon!

991 'S'
Just got back home to FL...to the humidity! LOL

Looking forward to being back up in the area of Lil Swiss soon!

See everyone in the very near future!

991 'S'
Thank you! Yes! We will be up there!

991 'S'
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