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Products for your Boxster, Cayman and Carrera.
As a long time sponsor of BRBS, we are happy to provide this special deal to all attendees.

The B&M Short Shift Kit for Porsche has been around a long time, is well-proven and provides a significantly improved driving experience. The unit retails for $299. We are the primary US distributor for the B&M product for Porsche, and offer it discounted on our Order page for $229 every day.

For BRBS attendees who would like to pick one up at the event, we will discount this sale price even further by $30. Your total parts price: $199! And if you add other items to your order and are picking up at the event, all shipping is FREE!

And if we have enough buyers who want to participate, we will ground ship all the units TO THE EVENT FOR FREE so you can pick up upon arrival! Pedro may also be available during the course of the event to assist with installation - so contact him for details if you do buy and plan to do that.

Otherwise this is a relatively straight forward self install in under two hours.

See details on the unit below:

Precision Sport Shifter 45135

* Engineered for Precision Shifts
* Shift throw reduced for quicker shifts
* 416 Heat treated Stainless steel stick
* CNC Machined aluminum carrier with bearings
* CNC Machined aluminum pivots with nylon inserts
* Direct bolt on installation

B&M's Short Throw Manual Shifters for Porsche are CAD-designed and engineered direct bolt-in replacement shifters - the only tools needed to install it are simple hand tools! These shifters feature counter-balanced bottom ends for more precise shifts. Extremely tight tolerances make these shifters the smoothest, most accurate shifters available. Only the finest components are assembled into this shifter. The Precision Sport Shifter for the Porsche includes a stainless steel stick, CNC machined aluminum carrier assembly and bushings, clips, grease, instructions and the shifter accepts your stock factory knob. B&M also offers you a lifetime warranty. If performance means everything to you, let B&M give you the edge!

'97-'04 Boxster (986 all models)
'05-'11 911 (997 all models)
'98-'05 911 (996 all models)
'05-'11 Boxster, Cayman (987 all models)

B&M, the company:

Don't Be Fooled By Cheap Imitations!

Beware - looks can be deceiving. Some say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But in the case of your shifter and your transmission s health - it could spell trouble.
Big trouble.

Recently a lot of overseas manufacturers have been flooding the market with sub-standard shifters that look a lot like B&M s. But that s where the similarity ends. More importantly, these weak, imprecise and unreliable knock-off shifters can potentially cause serious damage. Protect yourself and confirm that you are buying a genuine B&M Precision Sport Shifter. Don't short-change yourself just to save a couple dollars on the front end - a B&M shifter will be the last shifter you'll ever buy. And with our million-mile warranty, you're guaranteed satisfaction.

We are very proud to say that our Precision Shifters are supplied to tuners and OEMs throughout the world. You can find our shifters in Porsche, Mazda, Ford, Gemballa and other vehicles. No other shifter company can match our deep involvement on the OEM level....or our total commitment to quality for our customers who buy them.

Our products are pulled regularly for quality control testing, so rest assured you are getting the best possible product for your money.

OK so here is how to order:

Go to BumperPlugs.com, click the Order tab. Launch the Order page and select the B&M unit (and anything else you may like), then check out with regular shipping.

When you receive the email confirmation of your order from us (or in the notes section of your payment), let us know you are attending BRBS. If at least ten orders for BRBS hit our system by 10 days prior to the event, all shipping will be refunded! And if you add other items to your order and are picking up at the event, all shipping is FREE!

We will refund $30 immediately upon processing each order. Shipping will refund only when we hit our minimum for the event. IF you would prefer to have the unit shipped to you in advance of the event, just let us know and we will get them right out (just received new shipment a few weeks ago).

Email with questions: eric@bumperplugs.com

Thanks.... and drive safe!

Greetings BRBS'ers:

In honor of the 13th Blue Ridge Boxster Summit (BRBS 2011) and our new venue: LIttle Switzerland, NC, we'd like to make you "an offer that you cant refuse".
For any BRBS attendee who pre-purchases just about any(*) of the techno-products from PedrosGarage.com, we will bring it to, and install it FOR FREE at the event.

This offer includes:
TechnoCharger Made by CTEK, which makes the Porsche-brand charger. Includes more features than the OEM.
TechnoLite HID Xenon Headlight upgrade for Boxsters (986 and 987) Caymans and Carreras (996 and 997)
TechnoVolt a Digital Monitoring Gauge for your Boxster/Cayman's electrical system
TechnoTorque a modified intake Tee which boosts your low-end torque by an extra 6-8 ft.-lb (986 Boxster / 986 Boxster S / 996 Carrera / 996 Carrera S).
TechnoBrace the track-tested, lower rear suspension brace which will lower your AX times for all Boxsters and Caymans.
TechnoBra our magnetic protection for your car's front end (not for aluminum trunk lids).
TechnoClip which allows you to activate the Boxster's motion sensors with the top down
TechNumbers another magnetic product for DE and AX identification for all Porsches except Boxster Spyder, 997.2 Turbos and GT3s and Cup Cars (which have aluminum or composite doors).
TechnoLeather our fine leather-upholstered interior pieces. Why not TechnoLeather instead of paint?
and the always favorite TechnoCap the coolest cap in the hottest color!
Remember, installation FOR FREE.

(*) Some of the products, such as TechnoLite LED DRL may take too long, depending on the model year, to make it feasible and for the TechnoMount we would need a way to raise the car, which is not available at the event.

Happy Boxstering,

Pedro Bonilla
1998 Boxster 986 - 299,000+ miles: [www.PedrosGarage.com]

PCA National Club Racing Scrutineer - PCA National HPDE Instructor - PCA Technical Committee (Boxster/Cayman)

Racecar spelled backwards is Racecar

"Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting" ... Steve McQueen as Michael Delaney in "LeMans"

"If you wait, all that happens is that you get older"... Mario Andretti

"Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose" ... Ayrton Senna

Deal is still open and will remain open until Tuesday 5/31, then we will ship the units to Little Switzerland for you (along with anything else you order).
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