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selling boxster stuff

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Hi all-- was spring cleaning, and ran across my stash of boxster parts (from a 2000S). Are these things valuable?? Do you know good places to sell them?

I'm in Annapolis, and have:

The original Boxster stereo
the original S exhaust (unused, I believe)
The Amber tail light pieces
... and a couple other things I expect.

or should I pitch them?
Including a description and a picture would help.

Be sure to include some contact information.

you never know who might be looking for one of the items you have.
Condition? Does it operate good?
I only need the one.
How many miles on the exhaust?
How much would you want for it?
Do you have the drivers side windscreen? That's the
only one I need. Cost?
Hi All-- I'm so sorry I haven't replied, for some reason I thought I'd be emailed.

The exhaust I inherited when I bought my 2000 Boxster S in 2003. It wasn't on the car, the previous owner had changed it out. So it has less than 20,000 (and I expect a lot less). Its been sitting in my garage. Price-- not much-- I would take half the value of any exhaust on ebay or similar plus any shipping.

I don't have a windscreen.

I have a stereo cdr 220 (the buttons are a bit melty)

I had posted pictures and don't see them, so I will try and repost.
Here are some pictures: The cdr 220. A bit dusty but worked well when I swapped it out.

The exhaust (for a stock 2000 Boxster S):

The tail light assemblies:

I also have an amplifier and this navigation thingy from a 2007 Carerra c4s:

I would love to get rid of this stuff, and will take a seriously discounted amount plus shipping (I am in the Annapolis area).
sorry-- wrong last picture:

do you still have the muffler?

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