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Re: Sounds like the clutch needs to be bled. Or you have a problem with the clutch master/slave.

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Having issues with my 01S clutch. Last week, it was getting stuck halfway up, and the pedal wouldn't come completely up without an extra nudge. I bled the clutch, and it fixed that part, but I am still concerned that the clutch isn't completely disengaging.

With the car at idle, clutch fully in, I can shift into any gear, but there is a little hesitation in reverse. When it goes into gear, there is a small clunk, similar to when a motorcycle is put in gear. There isn't enough resistance to change the idle speed, but as soon as the clutch is off the floor, it is engaged.

Any ideas?
The symptoms you describe are exactly what I would expect of a hydraulic system that is not functioning properly.

Given that you just bled the clutch, I would say the biggest suspect is air in the clutch line. When you were bleeding it, did you have the clutch pedal all the way to the floor the whole time? Is it possible that at some point you got air in the hydraulic system (for example by letting the reservoir go dry while bleeding)?

If you are certain that the fluid is good and that there is no air in the lines, then the next suspect would be the clutch master or slave cylinder.

To answer your question: the clutch should start engaging partway up (more than halfway by my experience) and be fully engaged only once you are almost the whole way up.
I don't mean to steal your thread, but is the clutch pedal supposed to be depressed while bleeding with a motive power bleeder?
Boxterra: not to be picky, but you put it in the form of a question, so one cannot be certain if depressing the pedal is correct, or incorrect. Can you clarify?

Thanks, newt

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and it should not move during the whole bleed.
Boxsterra, thanks, I have done it wrong each of the three times I bled it, ...next time I will do it right!

I appreciate the input

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