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Congrat's Pedro. What's the expression? Something about discretion and valour .... *NM*

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... with a big thank you to Gary in SoFL.
Kind of a funny story...
The AX Championship is determined by adding the points obtained by a competitor in a particular year.
But, in order to opt for a PCA Autocross Championship a person must have participated in at least 4 events in that year.
In the beginning of the year I participated in the first 3 events, all of which I won, but because of my broken engine I had missed the next 3.
The last event was in late October and my car was still in a comma.
So, I called Gary in SoFL and asked him if I could borrow his pristine 2003 Boxster next Sunday.
He said: "Sure, no problem, what do you need it for?"
And I replied: "I just have to go to the Autocross track and run my last event in order to get my Championship".
He just started stuttering and couldn't get a word out.
I finally convinced him that I would not mistreat his baby and he finally agreed to meet me at the event.
I asked the AX Chair to let me run first and told him that I'd only be doing one run (out of a possible 10), because all I needed was to have one official run. He agreed.
Gary even walked by his car right to the start line.
As I donned my helmet I said: "Don't worry Gary,I'm going to set a track record!"
His eyes widened, and he tried to mutter something but there was nothing he could do.
I got the green and let the clutch out.
I carefully steered my way around the course and was able to make a clean run without touching any cones.
And, as I had promised Gary, I set a new track record for the year!
The winning time that day was 49 seconds and the next to the worst was 73 seconds.
I ran my lap in 117 seconds. winking smiley

Happy Boxstering,

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Pedro Bonilla 1998 Boxster 986 - 293,000+ miles: http://www.PedrosGarage.com
PCA National Club Racing Scrutineer - PCA National HPDE Instructor - PCA Technical Committee (Boxster/Cayman)

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"Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting" ... Steve McQueen as Michael Delaney in "LeMans"
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set that time, knowing the way that you like to drive.

I can just picture you steering with your teeth, while you were using both hands to pull your right foot back while navigating the course. grinning smiley

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Congrats, Pedro. Did it help that Gary's Boxster is the highly coveted "R" model? winking smiley
winking smiley It took the Boxster hardtop another eight years to offer an "R" option!

1998 986 Turbo-Look Cab 172,000 Miles Dilithium Crystal Supercharger
more than one way to skin the cat!! Good job, congrats!
At the Zone 1 runoffs in Fort Devens this summer, i had one run that, to get all our points, i needed simply to complete. Period.

Cones were OK.

Slow was OK.

Off course is DNF. Not OK.

So the coaching talk i got from our co-captain was:

Go out. Dont miss a gate. Not sure? Pull over. Get out. Ask the course workers. JUST DON'T MISS A [expletive deleted] GATE!

Got my points :-)


ps: apparently i need a coaching lesson from you some day, Mr. Champion
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