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Re: New Tires in the Spring - suggestions?

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I have a 2000 2.7 with 50K miles and its second set of tires; due to age, it's likely time for the third set.
The current tires are Kuhmo Ecsta Sport (I think Sport, but the first part is right).
Tires are stock sizes.

I usually let NTB install my tires, but I bought the Kuhmo's from Tire Rack and dropped shipped them to NTB last time since they couldn't get them in stock quickly enough.

Any thoughts on the next replacement? I'm not a track person and break 95 MPH very rarely and only for short periods (I can get tickets driving a Subaru, so the Boxster has cops following me from when I leave the driveway). I don't drive in the snow.

I'm looking for a comfortable ride, good tire wear and good handling, but not a speed rating in excess of 100.

Thanks for the opinions.

... replace them with the same Kumho Ecsta SPT?
Did you have a problem with them?
Those have been my tire of choice for many years.
They perform just about as good as any tire on the market for a fraction of the cost.
You can't install any summer tire that's not Z rated in a Boxster.
Happy Boxstering

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Re: Why not ...
AndyInNYC - 6 years ago
Tires are actually Kuhmo Exsta Supra (and they say 712 on the side as well). This tire isn't available on the Tire Rack nor NTB site (it isn't made any more)

The closest match, per Tire Rack, is the SPT KU31 which I can't even find on their webstie. The next best match, again per Tire Rack, is the Kumho Ecsta 4X (Ultra High Performance All-Season).

Since I can't have what I already have, which tire (either of these or other Tire Rack/NTB choices) should I look most closely at.

The 4X would be most similar.

To get more of the performacne and feel that your car is capable of i woul dget the SPT or s[port, whcihever is current (their ultra high performance summer tire)

All seasons are a poor choice for this kind of car, IMO.

Some other choices:

1. Sumitomo HTRZ3 (cheap, good high perf)
2. Sumitomo HTR+ ( a decent all-season with stiff sidewall)
3. Michelin Pilot Super Sport (expensive, but a great, great tire)


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Grant gee-lenahan-at-vee-eff-email-dot-net
If you're not driving in weather with temps at or below freezing, the Kumho SPT should do just fine--inexpensive, decent dry/wet traction, cushy ride and quiet--at least for the first 10k in my experience.

If you're driving in temps with go below 32deg. with some regularity, a UHP A/S might make more sense--in that class I read good things about the Bridgestone 970 pole position.
IF a person wanted to go with an All Season tire, does anyone have comments good or bad about the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus?
just received the second pair (rear) of sumitomos HTRZ3. The front are still good for another 2 years. I'm was very happy with the first set and therefore ordered them again. The price went up slightly but still affordable. Good average tires for daily driving.
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