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My 3 year old grandaughter showed her 5 year old sister how to ride a two-wheeler

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Two boxers
Bobtesa - 8 years ago
I bought an Outback this weekend, so now I have two boxer engines. But, I'm only writing about this because I have my first grandson!!! Cavlin.

I sold my 2 door Honda Civic daily driver for a 4 door (for ease of getting the car seat in and out). We also decided on a wagon for ease of strollers, etc in and out, and we I picked a car off the lot with a trailer hitch that accommodates a bike rack on the back -- hey, I'm thinking ahead for when he can ride a bike. Is my smile showing?

1999 Arctic Sivler/black/black (sold) 2008s Silver/black/black - so predictable 2011 Outback 8/24/2011 first Grandson
... a stroller, if you have your helmet...


Happy Boxstering,

Pedro Bonilla
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Good one Pedro. That made me laugh. Hope there isn't a leak in the diaper.
last week and we got called over to watch them push off so confidently..now if only they could learn to turn!

Keep that bike rack thought...it will come soon enough.
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