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Re: We are doing a lot of emblem painting....

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New 911 rear
ouroboros - 6 years ago
I was driving with a couple of new 911 S's and an older turbo in convoy today as a few Suits from from the local importer looked like they were taking them for a cruise.
I really like the back - especially the lights, but what's going on with all the lettering? It looks a mess with the old fashioned 'PORSCHE', then the 'Carrerra 911 S' in a completely different Font. Messy - I'd have to take some of them off!
The Boxster has the same issues. Aside from the lettering, the new spoiler and center backup light with the integrated fog makes it a bit congested back there in combination with the lettering, especially the cursive "Boxster S," which doesn't blend well with all the linear horizontal design elements. If there was a numerical difference between the Cayman and Boxster, "PORSCHE" with "981" would work for one of them, even as a cursive, and the hypothetical three digit number would work for the other. As it is, I've ordered mine with the model delete option, so it will just say "PORSCHE." That's the important part anyway. Cognoscenti will recognize certain differences between the two, such as the S's twin tailpipes and a slightly different level of leather trim in the interior, even with the partial leather configuration. By the way, the 3D configurator reveals that the word Porsche changes vertical position depending on whether or not the model designation is present. (By the way, it also "lowers" the car when PASM is applied.)

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Naked is good
Roger987 - 6 years ago

And tasty, too:
Laz - 6 years ago

Body color, satin black, etc....many folks are opting to forego all the wording and keep it simple, some just using the PORSCHE block letters. Understandable.
Agree. Saw a older Black Boxster with Black painted matt wheels and black emblem - looked great.

Not sure about the car washing frequency though!
...the same cannot be said for much of the hacked-up body panels on the 981.
Porsche would have to stop letting auto journalists drive it altogether. The way those guys write, you'd think the 981 was a really stunning blend of Carrera GT and earlier classics. (Which, of course, it is.)

Even as it stands now, with the cat out of the bag, the 2012 production will be sold-out well before the middle of the summer. Eager buyers will be offering new owners a premium for their cars.
Just to be clear - I was being facetious in my reference to 'hideous'.

I regard the 981 as a brilliant evolution of the Boxster (outside and in). And I can't think of many cars that, on their introduction, have been so universally lauded by the automotive media. The Acura NSX perhaps?
Akin to my Bondo comment.

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I read Charlie's comment and until I actually opened yours, I figured we were kindred spirits. Styling is highly subjective and I guess I just don't follow the crowd. For me all the models previous to the current one have the most sensuous curves since the Jag XKE. The new model turns me off with the new side panels, they take a smoothly curved body and add a harsh straight line and a big black hole into that curvy body shape. Putting the door handle into the side line also detracts from the look because it looks like a gap in the line. The overall effect is like putting a 6" dueling scar on a supermodel, she still looks good overall but the scar really detracts from the overall beauty. And as for the automotive press lauding the new model, they always pee in their pants over any new Porsche. These are the same people who ALSO lauded the Chevy Volt and the Subaru BRZ as if they were the greatest things since sliced bread, and in their day, they waxed eloquent about such duds as the Chevy Vega and Ford Edsel.
I'm not sure those are "the same people." I get, and respect your conclusions, though.
winking smiley
I'm more accepting of Porsche's styling, but not blindly allegiant like these people:

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