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Encouraging News on Porsche vs Audi Homogenization--Porsche "most sporty brand" smileys with beer

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From a U.S. Wire report on Friday (Dow Jones):

VW Group Chief Executive Martin Winterkorn, the company's research chief Ulrich Hackenberg, Audi Chief Executive Rupert Stadler and Mueller himself "amicably made the decision that Porsche is the most sporty brand and will build the most sporty car" in each individual market segment, Mueller is cited as saying.

An Audi sports car would in the future focus more on comfort than a comparable Porsche model, Mueller said.
JMstamford,ct - 8 years ago
they are ruining two brands....
Re: Ugh
db997S - 8 years ago
I think that it's good news. Some feared certain future Porsche projects wouldn't see the light of day as to not to compete with Audi, or that current Porsche product lines wouldn't be improved (or improvements would be retarded) as to not to encroach or compete with Audi lines.
Re: Ugh
JMstamford,ct - 8 years ago
Keeping both brands semi-competitive with each other is a good thing. Brings out the best in both.

The TT was never really "competitive" with the Boxster. They are similar niche but not really the same type of car. I think the auto world is better for having the both of them out there. Choosing one or the other to be the standard bearer means either a sported up TT or a sport compromised Boxster. neither is good idea.
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