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Re: Well, the 924 was the first water cooled Porsche in 1976 but the engine was . . .

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And without chemical liquid coolants, it would be a step in the "green" direction.

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The main problem is it is virtually impossible to cram 4 valves into a cylinder and get enough cooling with only air. I t might work on a radial engine, but it would be awful big.
true and not true......

the death of the air cooled engine for racing was cooling.......
burn't valves or burn't pistons with marginal cooling.

the death of the air cooled engine for street use is... NOISE. (german noise regs)
(and the epa.... easier to get better mileage with water cooled.

it certainly would be cool... if they would just redo those bore centers on the cranks....
and make a air cooled engine again.... (larger bore centers = more fins for cooling)

I really don't like changing antifreeze.
their air cooled engines. The 4-valve heads experienced too much extreme heat and the valves & guides couldn't tolerate that. 4-valve engines were necessary for modern engines to breathe sufficiently to satisfy emission requirements. Also, the greater heat ranges of air cooled engines make engine management much more challenging, again especially in regards to controlling emissions.

All of this and probably more in addition to the noise issues.

For what it's worth here, Harley-Davidson is experiencing the same challenges with their Twin Cam and Evolution lines of 2-valve, air cooled engines. Their newest model, the VRSC or V-Rod bike, employs a water-cooled, 4-valve engine developed at Weissach by Porsche. For Harley as well as for Porsche, water cooling is the way of the future (along with all of the unintended consequences that will be inevitable). I hope H-D can learn from Porsche's expeniences . . .

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JB/NOVA, 1997 986 - Wolfi, Arlington & Middleburg, VA , Vir Quisque Vir
Oops, I spelled "racecar" backwards.
an Audi engine. The water cooled 924 Turbo raced successfully in its maiden Le Mans outing, so I'll go w/the 924 Turbo (but wait, you're looking for only water cooled heads & the 924 Turbo won't qualify for that). Now the 959 had water cooled heads on basically an old style air cooled 911 engine and a form of the 959 competed in the Paris-Dakar cross country race, but that was after the 924 I believe.

Was there something that preceded these cars?

Wait a while before responding as others may want to hazard their guesses, okay?

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JB/NOVA, 1997 986 - Wolfi, Arlington & Middleburg, VA , Vir Quisque Vir
The 935/78 "Moby Dick":

The powerplant, a twin turbocharged boxer six engine, with an air cooled block and water cooled heads displaced 2.85 total litres, about half a litre less than a contemporary 911 engine. The motor had originally been developed for the "Moby Dick" race car, then was redeveloped slightly for the short-lived Porsche Indy Car and several other projects before being "tweaked" a last time for use in the 961, the 959's racing counterpart.

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you get a heater and defroster that actually works and isn't a variation of the same exhaust manifold mounted tube that was used on the Model A (as an option!)
I used to wonder about my 912's heater boxes wrapped around the exhaust manifolds. I never had a monoxide issue, but once after driving through a deep puddle, steam started shooting out of all the vents, including the backlight's. (Hey, we're talking about a '66 here.) It was like the classic secret agent-being-knocked out scenario.
darn interesting article as to the complexities that the engineers are dealing with. And on the things manufacturers do to save money that turn out to have unexpected consequences.


They strongly suggest a low temp thermostat on any 3.4 or larger engine.
[www.hartech.org] works but if it gets corrupted by the s/w here on the forum, all I did to get it to work was paste it into my browser and delete a few characters after buyers.

All it does is show pictures and explain a whole new set of problems the brit equivalent of Jake and Charles are seeing in 997s and 987s. Cyl 6, scoring....you'll see when you read the 28 pages!!!
thats Really cool the finger smiley
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