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Cigarette lighter receptacle too large

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I have a 2001 S. The cigarette lighter receptacle is a little too large to securely hold the plug for a radar detector, trickle charger, etc., resulting in loss of electrical contact. I'm aware of the replacement unit offered by Pelican Parts, but, rather than go through that trouble, didn't there used to be an inner sleeve available that would reduce the receptacle size? I've hunted all over the internet and cannot find one. Any help is appreciated.
You still might have to give the plug a push every now and then, especially if you're on a bumpy road. When you put on the sleeve, be sure that the plug's side contacts are exposed through the sleeve's cutaways. Get two, as they're very inexpensive. While you're at it, get a "red clip" for the top's microswitch if you haven't already. Probably the cheapest Porsche part in world, so get two.
This morning Escort Inc. says that they don't offer those any longer. Thanks though.
ebay? *NM*
Laz - 8 years ago
easy upgrade
charger plugged in when parked. Here's what I do.

Pull the fuse that powers the plug and then use a screw driver to gently pry the inner side prongs of the female socket back toward the center. This will bring it back to where it was originally but you'll need to do this every once in a while, especially if you leave something plugged in for long periods of time other than the cigar lighter. I think the fundamental issue is the German spec socket is a bit smaller (metric versus SAE specs?) and when a plug other than a matching Euro type plug is used (such as your radar detector, a Garmin GPS, a trickle charger, etc.), the socket gets stretched slightly larger than it's supposed to be.

I think it would be difficult to replace the socket with one that wouldn't look out of place, but a different. larger matching socket & lighter would be the best solution. I haven't found such yet however.

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I've used that tightening technique. I read somewhere that from 2003 on the socket is made to standard measurement rather than metric. As it's been mentioned this ought to be a straightforward replacement, albeit a bit tricky.

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I am sure a search would turn up the part nos. etc

It was very easy except for removing the old socket. That could be tricky. I simply took pliers and crushed it. Done in 10 seconds.
Luckily, we have guys like JFP in PA who know about that stuff.

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JB/NOVA, 1997 986 - Wolfi, Arlington & Middleburg, VA , Vir Quisque Vir
Call Sunset Porsche, order the following:

997-652-101-00-A05 "Cigar Lighter" $12.64
996-652-102-10 "Lighter Insert" $6.13

For $18.77, youhave verything you need to change out the European spec unit for one that will eliminate the need for sleeves, bent prongs or jamming a screwdriver into the socket..................takes about 5 min. to do.

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