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That must be the world's most expensive satellite radio smiling bouncing smiley *NM*

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Contributing factors behind this purchase:

1). I had bought her a Satellite Radio for Christmas that was supposed to work in the car and at home. The home docking items needed turned out not to be included and when I looked at the 20 foot antenna for the car with a magnet on the end I decided to take it back promising my wife to do something else.

2). Her previous car was a MB C320, a four seat hatch back we got new in 2005. It was time for inspection, warranty was gone and the Check Engine Light was on.

3). We have no kids left at home. I told her if she wanted a sports car she should have it. If we need a bigger car for something we could go rent one.

4). We like the MB Dealer (West Chester PA) they are great and the quality of their customer service is superior.

My wife saw the ad for the SLK which had a satellite radio on the 27th. We traded in the C320 and brought home the SLK on the 28th.

She now has her Satellite radio and we have two sports cars in the garage both with limited passenger and luggage space.

I am sorry to say this on this board but I told her I would trade cars with her after driving the SLK.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Cool car. You were about 5 minutes from me, I live right by Rt 1 and 202. I considered an SLK but think the Boxster S will suit my needs better. Great choice on the car!
Jeff (Philly)
I am sorry to say this on this board but I told her I would trade cars with her after driving the SLK.

At least you didn't say that you prefer driving an SUV like Boxtaboy's recent revelation! cool smiley

Happy New Year!

Regards, Maurice.
Hey, I never said I prefer driving a SUV....just that I didn't miss driving the Boxster. smiling smiley Although I'm startin now to get the itch. Good thing I didn't sell it! ;

Happy New Years to you all!

went over the top if he shows up for the next drive in the FX! drinking smiley

Happy New Year to all.


Ed from Long Island (Tampa) 05S Cobalt/Blue/Blue
nor will any of the rest of us. grinning smiley

Happy New Year to you & the family. smileys with beer


Ed from Long Island (Tampa) 05S Cobalt/Blue/Blue
The great thing about being a "car guy", is that you can enjoy different cars for different purposes. I love my 05 Boxster, but also enjoy driving the family 07 MDX. Very different, but both good in their own right. Heck, I even enjoy my daughters 05 C-230 in certain situations. If there were only one choice, we would all be driving Civic's.

BTW, why is Boxster not on the spell check?

BTW, why is Boxster not on the spell check?

Because you shouldn't be driving one if you don't know how to spell the name. winking smiley smiling smiley

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