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Are there any other window symptoms?...

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Window rattle
Bobtesa - 6 years ago
My 08 has developed an obnoxious driver's side window rattle. I have played with window positions, and it is clearly only when the window is completly closed. Even opened an 1/8 inch it does not rattle. So it has something to do with how the window seats in the top section section. Any suggestions? Thanks Bob

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seal with a little more force.

But there can be another problem...

in earlier cars, previous models that is -- so this may not apply, you'll have to look -- anyhow in previous models there was a screw or bolt head, something metallic that the window could come in contact with and this could result in a very bad rattle.
Thanks Marc. I seriously doubt that a screw is involved. It is a glass rattle sound, not anything metallic.

Can I adjust this on my own or does it require getting inside the door panel?
IIRC some have reported loosening the screws/bolts on the bottom of the door and having success but one has to sneak up on the proper adjustment. Too much and the window edge could snag and possibly damage the rubber weatherstripping.

I haven't tried this but may be a search here would turn something up? I seem to recall a few have ventured into this area and met with success and have posted.
The glass is held in place by two clamps that grab the bottom edge.
These clamps, driven by the window regulator motor ride on two rails inside the door.
You can adjust the height of each side by an adjustment screw on each rail which is accesses from under the door.
There are four rubber caps on the underside. The two larger ones adjust the height.
The clamps can't be loose because you would be able to pull out the glass by pulling up.
My guess is that the glass may be touching the convertible top's frame a d hence the rattle.
Adjustments to the windows are tricky because if you adjust it wrong, you may cause the glass to shatter.
Take it to someone with experience if you're not comfortable with the job.
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Pedro I have a question. This seems to match my issue perfectly. I have a 987-2 2011 Cayman. At about 65-70 mph I have wind noise on the drivers side window. The window on the rear side doesn't seem to go all the way up as far as the passenger side. The backside of the window(side towards rear of car) can be moved about 3/4 to 1" higher when I take my fingers on each side of the window and pull it straight up. I also have a rattle in that window when running over bumps. I spoke with a local mechanic and what he described is exactly what you are describing here that there are clamps on each side of the window that helps raise and lower the glass and the back set is loose. I have watched many videos of taking the door panel off. Can you describe, or know of a video that shows where these adjustments are and just how to make sure you are aligning them properly and not too high to cause damage to the window? Also, how do you go about greasing the cable mechanism. What grease would you use? thanks much
Re: Window rattle
moon272 - 6 years ago
On my 05 987 driver side window rattles only when completely down. Suggestions my pertain to my problem. Thanks Moon.
A window that rattles when down is probably a window regulator related problem though not knowing the history of the car perhaps the window assembly is loose?

Which brings me to: If someone has been in the door and messed around something else could be loose -- wiring or even something mechanical -- and it is this that is contacting the glass when it fully down.

On the way home from work in the Boxster tonight I started thinking about windows.

In my car, even though the driver's side window was loose enough to let a bit of water leak in when I washed the car the window never rattled at any position.

Even though both window regulators were shot -- one fell apart as the tech removed it -- neither window rattled ever.

If the window is loose enough to rattle there should be wind noise and water leaking in I would think.

Are you sure the window isn't making contact with something up under the rail? Have you lowered the top -- put it into the service position -- and given that area a good inspection?

Before I tried adjusting the window I'd be darn sure it needs adjusting. I'm no longer sure.
Pedro, Marc, thanks for the advice.

I'll go out today, lower the top and take a look see into the window groove. But, no matter what I do, I'll take it to a pro for any final assessment or fix. It sounds a bit tricky and experience is required.

The window does not let any water in. But, there is something also a little odd in how the window works. Using the automatic window function - hit the button and let it rise all the way by itself, does not seat the window properly. Doing that produces a slight wind noise from the window. So once up, I hit the button again to try to get it to hold in the highest position. This stops the wind noise, but not the rattle. The rattle btw, does not happen on smooth roads, but is quite obvious on bumps.
With the window half down (or up depending on how you look at the world), grab the glass and pull up. The glass should not move. If it does, then a clamp came loose. This happened with mine and it made a glass tinkly rattle associated with some random wind sounds. It was easy but annoying to fix... pull off the door panel and there are access holes to get at the clamps. The window has to be in just the correct position to line up with the access holes. Make sure the rubber insert is positioned properly as mine slipped to the side resulting in the metal to glass and then tighten down. If you window was properly adjusted, then it will be again.

Oh, and while your in there, grease the cable mechanism.

Good luck,

Bruce in Philly
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