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Details & First Pic of my Turbo S

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Sorry for the delay in posting but the details of my Turbo S are:

Basalt Black Metallic
Stone Grey and Black Leather interior
Heated Seats
Aluminum Look Interior Package

I will give a review of my first impressions in a week or so.


Beauty Full winking smiley
Thanks for sharing.
Glad to see you've mastered the image posting.
Happy Porsche-ing,

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Looks like you tried to hide the fact that it has PCCB brakes as an option. smiling smiley

Enjoy that new ride. smiling smiley

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Re: Verrrrrrry nice.
edco - 8 years ago
Actually, on the S the PCCB's are standard. At the risk of sounding like a jerk, when you price in all the Turbo Options (Center Lock Wheels, PDK, Sport Chrono, PCCB, PTV, Dynamic Cornering Lights, Adaptive Seats, Engine Mount Stabilizers and etc.) that come standard on the S, in addition to the extra 30HP, the S by Porsche standards really is a "bargain".
What sort of a wrench does it take to torque those suckers?smileys with beer
That is what my Boxster is going to turn into once the wife agrees!!
Honestly, she insisted that I get it. She originally wanted me to get a Panamera as a replacement for my Boxster S but when she found out that the Turbo was my dream car since I was a kid she resolved that I should scratch this off my bucket list.
Its my dream car too but my Mrs. does not understand the importance of the bucket list! Congrats!, great car!
WOW !!!! Enjoy in good health.

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on my desktop page on my blackberry is.........yep your car , my Basalt black boxster will have to suffice for now, as the money tree seems to be suffering from some kind of wall street induced blight!
drive way so it deserving to have such a fine automobile gracing it.
You are absolutely correct. Unfortunately, in Florida it is a never ending battle to keep driveways nice. After losing this struggle (including $$$$$) for many years, my wife and I have thrown in the towel for now. We will wait for sometime in the future (probably right before we sell) to fix it up again so that it has curbside appeal. Till then I will continue to wince every time I look at it and pray that a sinkhole swallows it one day when we are not home and there are no cars parked on it.

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