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I didn't realize it was 9 years since I had been there. The new venue was so enjoyable. You have done an exceptional job with the organization and events. And the food was spectacular. It was fun to renew friendships and meet new friends.

I'd also like to thank everyone for making my mother feel welcome. She's already called me twice today (and I just got home) to tell me what a good time she had. So many had taken their time in conversation and driving. Especially, a big Thank You to Van for taking her on the Fun Run. Her main comment was "they didn't go very fast".

And being a part the winning Fun Run team was such fun. I've never been on a team that's even come close. What a thrill and our strategy was "to have fun", which we did. I'll frame my "awards" and put in my office at work for reminders of the great time and friendships smiling smiley

Thanks again, and I'll plan for next year
Like Joanne, we had a terrific time at BRBS. Karl, Nell, Ron and Mary, thanks for all the work and preparation you do to run this event every year. Also, Pedro and Stephan thanks for all the information and help with our Boxsters. Every year, by the time we get home, we're already looking forward to next year's BRBS.

Got our reservations made for next year already. smiling bouncing smiley

2014 Boxster S
GT Silver, 6 Speed Manual, Bi-Xenons, Sports Suspension (lowers car 20mm), Porsche Sports Exhaust, Porsche Torque Vectoring, Auto Climate control, heated and vented seats, 20" Carrera S Wheels, Pedro's TechNoWind, Sport Design steering wheel, Roll bars in GT Silver
Gman, better start working on a new signature line.

Oh wait, you've been working on it for about a year. winking smiley
+1 Excellent!
Ryan_K - 8 years ago
Saw where Kim had posted elsewhere, but we had a great time and will definitely be attending next year. This was my first BRBS and everyone just felt like family (in a good way) smileys with beer

A big thank you to Maurice and Stephan for spending so much time working on Chuck's Boxster! After we got back home, I followed your recommendations and fixed the mal-formed foam drain underneath the top with a hair dryer and a weight. Worked like a charm. Now, to get that hinge fixed...
Great to meet you and Kim at BRBS.

Good to hear that drain fix method worked. Make sure that you monitor the foam padding and carpet behind the driver's seat after a rain or after washing the car to verify that no water is getting into the cabin (especially near the central alarm control unit under the seat).

Keep us posted on the broken hinge.

Regards, Maurice.
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(This is Stefan)

Maurice and I enjoyed working on your car and I'm happy to hear you'll be coming back next year. It was good to meet you and to see Kim again.
We will definitely make it next year and we are looking already forward to it, BUT first I would like to see some of the pictures all of you took. Bring it on, don't leave the non-participants hanging and begging for eye candy!!!!!
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