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Re: Screech only on startup and link for Insttrument cluster removal

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Hey guys...I had 2 questions. I get an occasional screech on every other start-upany suggestions?? because it's annoying! Secondly I need a link for removal on my instrument cluster because I bought a new one because the lcd screens crapped out.

Screech on startup is probably the starter motor as it disengages from the flywheel. It can be lubricated. I had this problem once.
I have a similar problem... my 2001 Boxster's LCD gauge (odomoter area) has what appears to be a crack/leak... is this an easy swap? Where do you buy this type of part? Any help/clues will be appreciated.
Here's a couple of links for removal of the cluster:
Make sure you disconnect the battery and protect the dash from the bottom of the cluster when you get it loose. Also, the hazard light switch can be a pain.
Good luck.

As for the noise, it is most likely the starter as others have pointed out. Mine sounded like someone stepped on a cat.
Thanks guys.....Where is the starter on my 986?

With the clamshell open half way and the inside "tarp" pulled away, you can then access the engine covers. I think you'll need to disconnect the top's tensioner cables, too, so that you can move it up out of the way. Don't yank at the tensioner connections: I find that by laying a wide blade screwdriver against them and pushing/pulling they will pop off.

Minus 40 degrees... Is that Fahrenheit or Celsius?
The red arrow points to the starter in both photos (solenoid of the starter in the first photo).

Use the blue arrow (which points to the engine lift hook) in the second photo as a reference point.

Regards, Maurice.

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Thanks Guys... I'll check with Suncoast or Performance to see if they have the LCD screen that is damaged.

I have a similar issue with the screech and thought it may be one of the pulleys. I hear it to the right and a bit behind me, that is why I ASSumed a pully. Is the starter located to the right of the driver?



P.S. Pedro, thanks for letting me know about the new site; it feels like ten years ago!

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And a third back up for the screeching coming from the starter--I followed Pedro's advice, pulled the starter, lubed up the shaft and it hasn't squeeked once in the past 6 months!

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