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I'm thinking of replacing the soft top of my '01. I found these two below, from GAHH and Auto Tops Direct. They seem to be very similar, if not the same, and yet there's a $300 price difference. Anyone know why there would be such a big difference? Is the GAHH top better? Also, is top replacement a DIY? How hard is it? Thanks.


You can DIY the canvas replacement on the top, but you must have patience and a willingness to not cut corners.

If you have those two, along with about 7 to 10 hours, you can get professional results: [sites.google.com]

If your current top is ragged, when you are finished you will think you have a new car!

Regards, Maurice.
great advise here. thanks. If you had one installed recently would like to hear comments on quality of the canvas top. I have heard it is better than original
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