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a most sad, Grant



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So sorry to hear that Grant. Looks like a beautiful German Shepherd.
Very sorry. I hope the end was peaceful. We had to put ours down at just over 16 years old. It was time but doesn't make it any less sad.
"A mile of highway will take you one mile. A mile of runway will take you anywhere."
My "Best Friend" for 13 years was a cat with a dog's personality, "Mousey."
... my UMA is now 13 and I know I don't have a lot of time left with her company either.
Like Gary says, the pain will pass but the good memories will remain.

Pedro Bonilla
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We had a shepherd-collie mix that was with us for 18 years. Absolutely terrific dog. I am sure you have some wonderful memories. We rescued Doug, a Bassett, from our daughter a few years ago - another terrific dog, but will never replace the shepherd.
Condolences, Grant. Our Shepherd mixes, Cayman & Cayenne are 7 and 6, dogs should live a lot longer!

But i do, again and again.



He was a great looking Shepherd. You are fortunate to have had him as your friend for 14+ years.

We've lost many Golden Retrievers over the years, mostly to cancer and all of their passings have been difficult. Having said that, each of them had their own unique personalities, that made us smile every day. As Gary said, over time, those are the things you will remember.
Thanks Mike
grant - 8 years ago
It was a very, very emotional day. But i think i've let the emotions pass and now the fond memories will return.

She must have been pretty special to hit me as hard as this did.

yea, that 100-lb monster was a she.



A handsome dog, indeed.

I lost my wheaten (who was my all-time best travelling companion), a little over 4 years ago. She was 13 years, 7 months.

Absolutely the toughest day of my life; no question.

As Gary says, the happy memories live on. (Though the thought of that last day, and the sense of loss generally, still brings a tear to my eye.)

Not easy, Grant, not at all.

One comforting thought though - the love we share with our dog is unconditional and uncomplicated. Unlike losses of people close to us, there aren't any unresolved issues that might trouble us. We have the memory of that pure love we enjoyed day in and day out.

So sorry to hear of your loss. Time heals, but in the meantime, go for a drive and remember all the great times you have shared.


A very beautiful dog indeed, Grant. My sincere condolences.

My best friend from college days just lost his German Shepherd about two weeks ago and is so broken up he can't bring himself to consider another dog.

Some are simply irreplaceable, but, as Gary says, the memories will always remain.

Regards, Maurice.
Sorry to hear about your loss. I lost my first dog after having her for 17 years - one of the toughest days of my life. Took me about a year, but now have my new best friend, Oli. Completely different dog, but both very special in their own way. Dogs are such wonderful creature! RIP Megabyte (Meg for short).

Sorry to hear that. She was a beautiful dog. It's tough to lose a pet, but I have fond memories of every one I ever had!


Dave - 06 987 S coupe SG/NL; gone (but still my first love): 03 986 AS/GG/BK;
I can feel you pain. I lost three dogs over the years and none of them were agonizing. We will get another dog once I decide to retire so I can have time to keep the dog company.

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