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window too high
boxsterd - 8 years ago
Anyone know how to adjust the window (driver's side) so it's 1mm less high in the top most position. Now with the window rolled up to the top, when I open or close the door the very tippy top catches the edge of the convertible top. I think if it were set just 1mm lower it wouldn't catch. I've tried the trick of raising the window and holding the button for 10 seconds with a towel rolled up to create between the window edge and convertible top frame, but it didn't work. Window still catches the convertible top frame when I open or close the door. Thanks.
Sent you a pm regarding procedure for adjusting window height.
Yes the window slightly drops. If it dropped 1mm lower it would be perfect.
It is possible to adjust the final window height position by using the adjusters inside the door, without having to remove the door panel. You gain access to the adjusters through the holes on the horizontal underside surface of the door.

I wrote this up a few years ago and will look for it and post it or a link to it ASAP.

Regards, Maurice.
Marc is probably right, but if your are looking to squeeze a little more out of your regulator so that you can take care of it at a more opportune time, it might pay to do the adjustment.

I found the write-up, so here is a link to the complete procedure, with photos: [www.renntech.org]

It shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to make the adjustment. Make sure that you do it on both of the adjusters (i.e., front and back) so that the window stays in its proper orientation and does not tilt.

Regards, Maurice.
enough the problem proved to be the regulators (window raising/lowering hardware mechanism). They were worn out.
...or the cable, but that a small green plastic guide broke?

At least, that was the case in my car, when my windows were suddenly hitting the conv top frame. There's a thread somewhere, I think in one of the Renn forums, or the 986forum, that shows how to make the repair with a $1 bike shifter cable adjuster nut.
Yes, it turns out that it's usually that little plastic piece at the bottom of the leg of the regulator that breaks and causes the slack. The cable itself in some cases can start to fray or unravel but then the symptoms will usually include noisy operation or grinding, rubbing noises when operating the window.

The bicycle brake adjuster fix by the poster on 986forum is simply genius and works very reliably. Some were able to apply that fix without even removing the regulator from the door. It shaves a lot of time off the repair and is then not much more than removing and replacing the door panel.

Regards, Maurice.
to eliminate the possibility you raise before he opts for a new regulator.

Just so it is clear, I didn't tell the tech to replace the regulator, I just told him what the symptoms/behavior were and he investigated and reported back. In both cases it was the regulator and in one case the regulator just fall apart when it was removed. I had him save it and had it laying around but it was just a jumble of hardware I trash canned rather than try to form it into something recognizable enough to photograph. The 2nd regulator I didn't even bother to ask for the old one back. Seen one bad regulator seen 'em all.
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