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Roger987 - 8 years ago
My 2005 Boxster's engine was replaced in 2009, 32,000 miles ago, with a Porsche factory reman engine. Interestingly, when I replaced the thermostat a year or two ago, I noticed the part I removed was made in 2006. My car was manufactured in Nov 2004. Obviously, some newer parts found their way into the reman engine. Hard to know whether one of them was the larger IMS bearing.

In any event... I change the oil semi-annually, and I always cut the filter open to examine it for metal bits. I've never found any ... until tonight.


Three small shiny bits, each the size of a pin-head. It occurred to me, as I'm typing this, that I should check to see if they will stick to a magnet.

Should I be worried?
Roger, at my oil change in Nov. 2011, we found a few tiny bits and some tiny plastic bits when my mechanic cut the filter open. He said it's normal. He said the black bits were likely from the chain guides. This past November at the oil change, there was nothing. My mechanic said that if the IMS starts to go (He has replace IMS bearings both with LN and OEM) , when you shine a light on the spread out filter would look like a star filled night - lots of shiny bits.
The filter from my 2000 S back in around 2004 when the engine blew. Yes, that is loaded with super shiny flakes. The mechanic "didn't think it was the IMS" so we are not sure why it failed. Back then, they bottled an oil sample, crated up the engine, and shipped it back to Germany never to be heard from again. Porsche would not say anything about any of this, according to the mechanics.

This mechanic said there were about 5 failure modes he was seeing..... and seeing he certainly did. I asked him about failures being common.... he waved his arm around... the entire garage had engines sitting on dollys and directly on the floor.... carnage.


Bruce in Philly
Definitely check with a magnet first.

Also, clean the area under the bell housing where it meets the back of the engine and check for any trace of oil. When we replaced Stefan's IMS bearing, there was just a hint of a very, very slight looseness in the bearing and there was a trace of oil inside the bell housing that was just about to find its way to the outside, under that bell housing.

If there is any trace of oil, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's a sign of a failing IMS seal as it could just as likely be from the rear main seal.

If you have further signs, or are so concerned that you can't sleep at night, pull the transmission and examine the bearing for play and for any signs of leaking.

Regards, Maurice.
Thanks Guys
Roger987 - 8 years ago
checked this morning - none of the bits stuck to the magnet.

Guenter, your experience is very helpful. Maurice, thanks for your tip - I'll jack the car up and take a look underneath for any signs of oil.

Pedro's DOF kit makes good sense to me. If I were to have the clutch done at the same time (even though it's fine now), the total cost to me would exceed $3500. Not pocket change, particularly given the chance of failure is 10% or so. But, I'd hate to be in that 10%.

I'll continue to keep a close eye on the oil, the filter, and watch for any signs of oil seepage.

In the meantime, I hope we'll hear from those who have installed Pedro's DOF kit.

Another idea would be to change or at least remove and replace the oil filter more frequently so that you can monitor if it's a trend or an aberration.

Every time you pull the filter take a few photos for reference so you don't have to guess at the comparison. Keep a log of what you find and the intervals at which you performed the inspection.

IIRC, you can remove the oil filter housing and oil filter without draining the oil. After a few times you should be able to perform that inspection in 15 minutes, including driving the left rear wheel up onto a couple of stacked 2 X 8's.

Regards, Maurice.

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Filter change
Roger987 - 8 years ago
Good idea Maurice, particularly if I can change the filter without changing 7 litres of oil.

Re: 2 x 8's. I use 2x10's staggered and bevelled (at one end). The car stays more level than putting it on axle stands. And it won't fall off, either. Rather than using a creeper, I use a sheet of cardboard, which gives me more room.

We think alike... I have made small "ramps" for that purpose.

Regards, Maurice.
Re: uh-oh
MikenOH - 8 years ago
I'm thinking the re-manufactured engine incorporates the latest part designs that were available when the engine was remade--any idea of the date it was assembled?.
From comments made on other boards, the newer IMS design started to show up in the 987 with cars made as early as June 2005, so getting an reman. engine in '09' (I'd think) would increase your chances of getting an engine with the newer style IMS.

Regarding the the metals fragments,if you are starting to see them for the first time, I think it would be a good idea to start keeping a record on the rough numbers in involved and would suggest a trying to do a oil analysis going forward for a better idea of what is in the oil. I've used Blackstone in the past and they were a good company to deal with.

On our 987 built on 10/05, I don't recall ever see any metal fragment in the filter and the oil analyses done in the final 15K showed less iron in the sample than what was typical for that motor (oil changes done at 5K intervals).

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Roger987 - 8 years ago
Good idea, Mike.

I don't know when the replacement engine was built. The only clue I have is the thermostat which I replaced a couple years ago. Here's a pic:

I had thought it said 06, but clearly it's 10.07. So, I can only wonder if perhaps the newer (larger) IMS bearing made its way into the engine.

I'll send an oil sample to Blackstone. At $25 a pop, it's not expensive.
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