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I talked with the parts guy at my local dealer and he said it's not as simple as installing the spinlocks on my car, buying someone's hardtop, popping it off, and popping it on my car. He said there might be other hardware required and some boosters came with the hardware and some didn't. Is he right, or is it as simple as I think? I realize there might be some adjustments required for a good fit, but it can be done later.


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It is as simple as you think, including the possibility of needing a few adjustments after a test installation.

IIRC the bolt that fastens the spinlocks is difficult to reach and easy to drop into never-never land, so it's a good idea to wrap the bolt in a strand of thin copper wire that you can pull out before tightening the bolt.

Regards, Maurice.
My spinlocks were installed with a baggie holding the bolt and the tool so the bolt wouldn't fall down. Took 10 minutes for both by someone who had done em before. Never used them and passed them on to the buyer of the car who lived up north. Over maintained is my game.
Exactly all that was needed when we added a used hardtop.
- installed the locks (purchased from the Porsche dealer)
- drove the Boxster to pick up the hardtop
- brought it back and realized that some adjustment was needed
- dropped it off at the dealer and they adjusted it for free.
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