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... the TechNOwind!
Thanks for the special offer Eric.
I'm sure the lucky 981 owners appreciate it.
Happy Porsche'ing,

Pedro Bonilla
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Laz - 7 years ago
It'll be a terrific convenience when driving (below 31 mph!) but I won't mess with the electrical system until the car's out of warranty, and I doubt my dealer would do the work "officially." At the rate I'm going, it'll be by mileage before time. Ok, I did put the VW wiper relay into my 986, but that was literally plug and play.
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one could replace the factory installed wiper relay with a certain VW part that would allow for user adjustable intervals by using the wiper control stalk. I don't recall exactly how it was operated, but the intervals could be set anywhere from near continuous to about 20 seconds or so.
Install was not difficult. hardest part was getting under the seat.

I had Sharky's One Touch on my 986. I was so accustomed to just pushing the buttom, it spoiled me. I got in on a group buy right away. I really like the remote on this. And you can program your windows to go up or down with it.

I can just find so many things to do instead of holding the button down smiling smiley

Joanne in OC

I can just find so many things to do instead of holding the button down smiling smiley


Sheesh, Joanne. Now you've got us all wondering just what things you're doing instead of holding that button down. winking smiley
Here's my list:

Put hair up
Put seat belt on
Hat sometimes
Lip stick if I fogot earlier
Organize stuff (ensure purse is secure)
Put proper music on (at times off)
Address in Nav when needed
Back out of garage

With things being automated, I no longer have to:
Put the windows down
Mirrors adjust
Seat adjustment
Latch or unlatch the top

It's a good thing it no longer takes 12 secs for the top to go down. I'd be sitting there wasting 4 secs of time!!!

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