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Lori and I are moving back to Columbus OH from Atlanta, GA and I wondered if anyone has any recommendations, or warnings, for auto transport of my Boxster. I currently have quotes from All Vehicle Transport, Magic Carpet, Magnum, Stateway, Exceptional, and Red Carpet.... and I realize they are probably none of those. smiling smiley However, if you have any positive or negative experiences you would like to share, I would appreciate the information.

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Mr Mike (Alpharetta, GA)
... and just have the movers move the furniture.
I haven't heard anything about any of those transporters.
Good luck with the move.
Happy Boxstering,

Pedro Bonilla
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Tell him Eric at BumperPlugs referred.

They have moved more Porsches than any other carrier, and they do it right. Brought my '09 to me from Northern VA, took my C4S with them on the return. Flawless.

Guenter in Ontario

There has got to be somebody on the board who is retired that would love to drive a Boxster from Atlanta to Columbus??thumbs upI would love to, however I am a few years away from euphorical time Bliss (aka retirement)grinning smiley

We have three dogs and a bunch of stuff we are taking with us for 2 weeks in hotel... and Lori can't drive that distance with her back. So I get to drive a Tahoe.



Mr Mike (Alpharetta, GA)
I have had one bad experience with Stateway. Screwed me around pretty good over the date of pickup and eventually paid for another transport to pick me up and gave me/the driver their end. Only nice thing I can say is nice ads.
I'm in South Florida for the winter and tend to drive my wife's Benz down and ship it back and have used a number of transports. You can check them on the Transport s [www.transportreviews.com]

As for my Boxster I drove from South Florida to NY 1272 miles in two days, top down the whole way, averaged 78 miles an hour till I hit Jersey traffic and averaged 28 mpg and had a blast.
550 miles is like a day trip. Drive it!
We've used Reliable Carriers four times (relocations back-and-forth across the country) and have not had any problems whatsoever. I'd recommend at least getting a quote from them.
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