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Had a blast at BRBS 2014 - thanks to all who made it possible.
I normally use a old style Colgan Bra for the long run to and from the event and then run "bare"
for the event. That strategy with my 1999 986 resulted in exactly one tiny paint chip in
the 15 years I had that car.

Now with the 2014 I can see just looking at the paint it appears thinner than the '99 was.
I already have picked up a few tiny chips and will have to think about a clear bra for the front end.
Not sure what it is with the Porsche paint but it seems more fragile than say what other mfgs use?
Even the plastic parts like the bumpers seem more prone to chipping.
I do not expect the paint to take a large rock without a chip, but the normal tiny stuff should not be chipping the paint.
What say our experts?
The front trunk hood is beginning to look a bit worn (32,000 miles) but maybe in another year the film will get replaced.
I think one of the problems with our cars is the fact that they sit lower and with the frunk sloping down to the low bumper, they are more susceptible to paint chipping then most cars. I haven't found my 2014 to be much different than my 2006 in this regard.

I had a 3M clear bra on the bumper of my 2006. After 60K+ miles (including six 2K mi. trips to BRBS), there wasn't a chip in the bumper. I did get a few on the hood, but Dr. ColorChip took care of those. Based on my experience, I had the 3M bra put on my 2014.

This year, with the Diamondback just freshly paved and new gravel being placed along the side, there were a LOT of little sharp rocks from people cutting the corners and spreading it on the roadway. Keeping your distance from the car in front helps to keep the down the likelihood of picking up a chip.
I am going to have my 2014 wrapped next week before I really get a chip - I had the Colgan Bra on for my
500 mile trip back from BRBS ( all interstate ) - one rock flew from a trailer behind a SUV - it hit the headlight
then bounced on the hood above the bra and also made a tiny nick at the very top of the windshield - talk about luck or not!!!
The Colgan bra just does not cover enough of the hood to be effective.
The headlight scratch is off to the side of the headlight cover so at least its hard to see.
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