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URO Parts 4A0 905 849B Ignition Switch

Has anyone used this part? One of the other forums slammed it.

I used a URO part once. It was junk.

In the world of science, a sample of one isn't a statistically valid sample size, but it was enough for me.
My finding: some were great, others crap. The worst was a 4-rings german made unit. The best, a Chinese made unit from GPR in CA.

Does that mean the Chinese stuff is better than the German stuff? No. It means there is lots of unit variation.

Many have simply said buy it from Autohaus AZ.

I keep one in my workshop.



I believe it's about $20 at an Audi dealer and it's the same part that Porsche uses. Not sure how much cheaper (price) the URO part is.

More info on Pedro's website:
The local audi dealer Sonnen Audi did not have it transferred me to the vw dealer that had it but wanted $56 for it. Called my local vw bug shop. He got me an audi labeled part for $27. If you live in Marin County call Viking auto parts. He has gotten other Porsche part for me in the past at a good price. It was a PITA to put in but saved a lot of money doing it myself.

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I have a new Audi switch Meyle, part 1009050000 leftover from the 1999 Boxster I just sold.
Brand new in the wrapper -- $15 shipped -- if you want it PM me.

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$40 OEM lasted a shorter period than a $10 chinese aftermarket.

As noted, i don;t claim the OEM was worse, just that unit-unit variation is apparently high and paying up does not protect you.

And i did 6 over the lives of a few audis ( and a rough driver, not me)



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