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where is the consensus best place to obtain the same.

BTW - I am using Pagid black pads. I bought several sets years back when they had a sale.

I also need a few niggling things which will likely need to come from a dealer, but rotors are a separate line item.
I short my sensors. PITA and needless cost.

Rotors - rarely needed - i get about 4-5 sets pads/rotors, but Pelican, Autohaus AZ, TireRack ( Centric, stoptech) and in my case a local race shop has great prices on some simple (no drilled!) rotors.

Pds - for street use my fav is textar



So I went looking.

I found a VAST disparity in pricing etc.

In particular I found RAYBESTOS

These seem to be coated etc. I can get them for like $50 a corner.

Now I am not one to cheap out on things like brakes, but came someone tell me why zimmerman rotors are twice the price?

I actually found some rotors for $15 per corner. NOT A JOKE.

But that really does seem to be too good to be true.

My OEM have lasted 60K miles.

so where is the line? How low would you go?

More seriously, is there any difference in rotors?

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SAome cheap rotors are great. I paid $50/ea for Balo, which is OEM for Mercedes-benz. But alas they dropped the 986 and 986S apps.

I cant say about Raybestos. I wont gamble - i have to know something about the supplier. Sebro, Stoptech, Balo, Zimmerman, Brembo, are all good. Sebro IMNSHO maybe the bottom of the bunch. I prefer slotted > Plain > drilled ( bling, cracks).

Some people swear by cryo treatment, ihave no first hand experience. yet.



at autohausaz they are relatively inexpensive.

$152 shipped for the pair. They are the base z coated.
replace 'em. Even if they weren't cut with your last pads. I discovered that the wires are fragile enough to not last two pad lifetimes. They eventually broke on me and lit the brake indicator. It was more of a pita because I had to get in there a second time to replace them when I could have saved time by replacing them when I was replacing the pads.

...or you can just short them out as Grant suggests. smiling smiley



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