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I rented my 99 Boxster on Relay Rides. The renter took the car to Washington D.C. and contacted me today having broken down on the NJ turnpike on his way back to me in Providence, RI citing clutch problems. He wrote to me that:

...the car got stuck in 1st gear in the highway waiting 1 hr to get to the ez pass toll booth. The clutch pedal is dead, from a search online it seems the clutch line has a crack or leak and there's no clutch fluid.

I am a little skeptical about his manual driving skills based on how high he revved the engine while entering 1st gear as he drove off. And the fact that the breakdown occurred after he had been in a lot of stop & go traffic seems to possibly support that theory.

The car was towed to Ridgefield Park, NJ. Tomorrow Relay Rides is going to find a nearby dealer or other Porsche specialist to diagnose the problem and determine if the failure was due to user error or wear & tear.

Can anyone recommend a shop in the area who might be able to help me out? If anyone would prefer to chat on the phone, please just PM me and I'll send you my phone number.

Thanks in advance!
1. Towne Motors Cars ( dealer) - Ft Lee (very close)
2. Protosport - Pompton Plains ( a bit further west, but still northern part of NJ) independent race shop, very good

I will be at Towne running NNJR PCA tech tonight




Is that first one located at 105 Grand Avenue in Englewood?

Asked if anyone had heard from you - certainly no one in the back had.... hoep it worked out.



I've been in contact with Joe (Service Manager) and Mark at Town Motor Car. The guys in the back should see it today.
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