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Every article and post talks about removal, installation is encapsulated as... installation is simply the reverse of the removal process.

My problem...what or is there a trick for aligning the top bolt? I can not get the alternator to slip into position. I am entering from the front engine panel.

Was able to get it back into place right after I posted the question, LOL.

Special thanks to Pedro for his insight and calming response when I asked his opinion of what damage I might have induced when I reversed polarity while installing a new battery. Blew 2 fuses, might have damaged the alternator but it might have also been what lead to the batteries demise (I'm guessing the alternator was good and it was my mistake that damaged it).

Still need to find the second removal key to pull the radio... to check if it was a victim of my mistake or if the fuse on the back is blown.

Had the battery tested... checked out OK.

Got to tell you... pretty upset with myself, negative cable hit the positive battery terminal and grabbed like an arc-welder.
Does anyone know the torque value for the two alternator bolts? I have a manual on disc but it is PC based and I've gone Mac.
Boxsterra - 6 years ago
Hexagon Head Nut: M16 x 1.5 65 Nm (Note: Plus or minus 5 Nm)
Hexagon Head Nut: M8 15 Nm
Hexagon Head Bolts: M10 45 Nm
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