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Original rotors... first bake job, no scratches or lip. Resurface or replace? And... would you take the same approach for all your cars?
Mileage at around 75,000.

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... are you sure they are originals?
Do you even use the brakes?
If the rotor doesn't have a lip and doesn't have discernible wear ruts there is no need to replace or resurface.
The new pads will bed into the rotor in 20-30 miles of driving.
You should not resurface rotors on Porsches.
There is a minimum rotor width at which point they get replaced.
The accepted wear is 2 mm so when the outside lip is 1 mm then it's time to replace them.
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This guy never had lips on his brakes. If he did, they'd be pretty chapped.

good shape I just left the rotors in service. After installing new pads and other hardware I'd bed in the brakes. Couple (3) real aggressive slowdowns (say from 65mph+ to under 30mph) *without* bringing the car to a stop, one right after another, will do it. Be sure after the 3rd slow down you drive around enough to thoroughly cool the brakes.

First set of brake rotors on my Boxster lasted around 100K miles. Went through the original pads and 2nd set of pads, though. Front brakes on my 996 Turbo lasted around 125K miles. I have found over the years and brake jobs that sometimes one gets a set of really long wearing rotors and other times not so long wearing.
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