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2000 Boxster, 2.7... no history of problems. Engine running fine, pull to a stop light... engine dies. Turns over as if it's not getting gas, gauge registers 1/4 tank). While waiting put in a gallon of gas. Wait 2 hours for a flatbed... truck pulls up and starts to raise his bed... Boxster starts (I've tried it 7 or 8 times while waiting). I ask the drive to follow me home (relieved we won't have to hook it up)... get to the entry gate of our community, car is running fine (through twisties, no issues, no codes or check engine light, temp and vitals all look good) . Thank the driver and remark if you get a call in 5 minutes it died before I got to my house... we both laugh. Start to pull away... it dies. We disconnect battery to see if maybe clearing the computer might do something (yeah, far fetched). Won't start... turns over but almost as if it's not getting a spark or no gas. We line it up to flatbed and he realizes how low it is. The angle to the flat bed is going to rub the front bumper... I tell him I'd rather try rolling it down hill to a parking lot near by. It starts while rolling and dropping the clutch in 2nd (hate doing that). Get to my driveway... slow to avoid rubbing bumper, stalls.. won't start. No codes or check engine light.

Any suggestions? Thoughts... leaving on a trip in a few days so no rush to dig into it. Hoping it starts later today to get it in the garage.

Pretty odd. Suggestions on trouble shooting? Car has approx 78,xxx miles.

One thought... the distance I did traveled home after adding a partial gallon of gas was about 16 to 17 miles And the gauge did raise from the gas added.

Thanks in advance.
something similar happened to my 2002, turned out to be the fuel pump relay, good luck.
Thank you... I will look there first, as that makes a lot of sense given the way symptoms. Got to admit... this is a strange one. After a few hours it started again. Nothing worse than an intermittent failure.
The problem started with a a few weird situations where we had trouble starting the car, but never when it was cold.

When the sensor started to REALLY go bad, the car would work for about 15 minutes, then dies...wait for a few hours, it would start up just fine...then dies again after driving for a bit.
Replace it and the problem will go away.
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