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Hi Everybody,

In addition to doing some cosmetic improvements on my car, I am going to replace the interior bulbs with LED bulbs.
I saw the Suncoast kit for $129 + tax + s/h
which seems kind of steep for LED bulbs.

Has anybody done this upgrade? If so, where did you buy your bulbs?

Thanks in advance........

I have changed out several bulbs on my 986 to LEDs. Some with great success and others not so much. I believe the 987 has CAN BUS which is a consideration when selecting the right LED so it doesn't trigger a false bulb out reading on your dash, look for LEDs with a built-in resistor.

You can save some money by doing your own R&D and take your chances or pay for Suncoast's R&D. Their site indicates "After months of testing on our own cars, we're pleased to offer this new plug and play package."

I bought some from superbrightleds.com and others from Ebay.

Good luck with your LEDs,

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