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… I've just added some new projects for you.

You can also find the quick links in the DIY Forum on PedrosBoard.

981 Engine Air Filters

981 Cabin Air Filters

Oil & Filter4 986, 987 & 981

Happy Boxstering,

Pedro Bonilla
1998 Boxster 986 - 299,000+ miles: [www.PedrosGarage.com]

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That's excellent !
Thanks, Pedro.
Laz - 5 years ago
My car is getting close to its warranty end. Not that oil changes are covered, but my philosophy has been to have the dealer do everything but tire changes while under warranty so that there's "no argument" as to who worked on the car should a contested warranty item arise. I already had the impression that 981 oil changes are more difficult, but your nicely done instructions give me confidence my local (non-special brand) shop can do the work without it being a real PIA for them. I don't want them to be unhappy when they work on my cars! Regardless, they are competent, wholesome people.
My 2013 981 doesn't have that oil container holder, but I'll tell my friend with my old 986 to look for it.
This will be a good help to those of us with 981's

I've been getting the scheduled changes done at the dealer for the same reason that Laz mentioned, but I've had my indy, who specializes in Porsches, do a few extra oil changes. He said the oil filter in the 981 is a bit harder / awkward to get at than in the 987.
Now I'll finally be able to get a good night sleep. winking smiley
Thanks Pedro!!!

I am curious if you have had any experience changing the rear brake rotors on a 981. While I am not at the point where this is an issue yet, I was studying the 981 WSM and noticed two things on which I would appreciate some input.

1) In order to replace the rear rotors the electronic parking brake must be put in the "service position". Of course the WSM says to use the PIWIS Tester to do so. Is there another solution, such as Durametric, or something "onboard" (for example, my Mercedes ML350 has a means of doing this using an "onboard" system).

2) The WSM states "When replacing the (rear) brake discs and/or shoes, it is necessary to grind down the brake shoes for the electronic parking brake (EPcool smiley. The routine is started using the PIWIS Tester II." Is this really necessary? I could possibly see it if the shoes were replaced but if only the rotor is replaced I'm skeptical. And if necessary, is a tool such as Durametric capable of performing the functions of the PIWIS?

Thanks in advance.
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