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Help had to flat bed my cayenne last night

Issue as below

1. Cannot start the car, turn key nothing
2.display says R
3. Reverse lights are on
4. Backup camera on
5.gear change can be moved doesn't change the display from R
6 car is in neutral even when I select car to park as if the gear selector isn't changing gear


1. New battery
3 took apart and cleaned gear selector magnets are in place cleaned circuit board no bent pins

Help any assistance appreciated
That said, i would assume its a gear selector issue. Apparently you have begin down that path and determined that there is no physical connection, but rather a set of sensors? Is that correct?

Have you looked at both ends - the selector end and the tranny end? Loose wire? Gunk?

Another thought is the the TCU could have frozen. Is it possible to reset it (disconnect power long enough to lose any state)?



Hi grant tried disconnecting power no luck, will try pulling fuses this morning, will try to trace the physical cable to the gearbox except I cannot get under it have it parked on a slight incline, any ideas how to get to it appreciated, I ran my durametric and the codes were for something else. I had to use the Porsche tool to disconnect the gear selector to have it towed wish I hadn't bothered because I don't know how to reingage.
You might look up which tranny it is on the ZF site and get some info.

Is there a reason you cant simply disconnect the battery for a good, long time? Pulling the fuse could work.

bear in mind i'm really guessing.


Thanks grant may have to pull the battery for the night worth a shot thanks will check out zf also
where's "control-alt-detele" when you need it.

I do wonder if a reset with a Porsche scan tool would do the trick?

(all roads lead to Pedro)



Reads like an electrical problem. Thus a fuse or perhaps a relay has gone out. You will need access to a fuse/relay chart/diagram to know what fuses/relays are involved and where they are.

Also, you want to make sure the fuses/relays are actually getting electrical power. The cause of the behavior could be an electricity distribution problem.
Thanks mark I've been checking fuses all day I'm edging towards a bad solenoid just in front of the gear lever will let u know
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