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I need to replace my battery on my 01S. My question is the one I tried from O'Reilly's is
not long enough. I mean I put it in the battery tray and slide it over so the lip is holding it on
one side, put the battery hold down bracket on the other side, but the negative battery cable
won't reach the battery post. It is the same length as the last battery I had, but I don't
remember if I only had it held down by the bracket and bolt. Do you think it is OK to have
it mounted like this? (ie only held down on one side?).

Also, I don't remember spending $165 bucks before either ($180+ with tax) for a battery???

I'm considering changing to an Optima battery, but you need an adapter plate to mount one.
I remember reading about this somewhere, does anyone remember where this info is? I'm
aware an Optima battery is expensive too but my experience with them is that they are worth it.
It was $118 and comes with a 5-year warranty.

It was the EverStart MAXX Group H6 - 730 CCA
… has the polarities reversed.
That's why your negative (ground) cable can't reach.
Try the Bosch 94R from PepBoys or 48-700B or 48-690B.
Other batteries that fit (from Mike Focke's list):

Porsche Label 999.611.070.00 $200+ Made by Moll
Porsche Label 999.611.075.07 650CCA Made by Douglas
Optima 34R 800CCA ~$165 Optima Battery link (requires mounting plate)
Sears Group 48 International #33348 700CCA ~$120
AutoZone Duralast 48-DL 700CCA ~$96
Costco Kirkland Group 47 Item #12850 590CCA ~$50
Costco Kirkland Group 48 Item #989227 700CCA $66.27 "fitment code 10"
Interstate MTP-91 700CCA ~$91
Interstate MTP-H6 640CCA
Volkswagen 000-915-105-AG. ~$125
Walmart Everstart 48-3 700CCA ~$65 comes with vent kit 2/7 year warranty
MAXX-48 700CCA ~$75

Happy Boxstering,

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how something you wrote probably 5 years ago still has life.

Larry, the stuff on installing an Optima is here. No idea if the special mounting adapter guy referenced is still in business.

The list of batteries is kinda old as it hasn't been updated in years but Pedro is right in the reverse of the posts bit being important. Also the Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) of the TIP and manual trans cars are different. Aside from that, Porsche can use "just a battery" and doesn't need a special brand.

Hope this helps.
BarryL - 4 years ago
I have been happy with Duralast. I am on my second one now. Easy install, reasonably priced.
I returned the first battery thinking I had the wrong size. I went and bought the
one from Walmart. Yes, I had the battery in the wrong way. The reason is
Porsche had put a red mark on the ground where it bolts to the frame. I finally
figured this out before I read Pedro's post. Thank god I didn't hook the battery
up backwards. I've read about the problems that causes (ouch). I put a label
on the ground cable so I don't make this mistake in the future. The post conectors
do have a small "+","-" on them, but is not easy to see.

I did read about taking the battery tray out and cleaning up around in there.
This is a good idea. I didn't have alot of debris in there but it's a good idea to
check the 4 drain holes and make sure they are good and clear. Mine weren't
plugged, but there was some debris in each one.

Also, I did find the web site that makes the adapter for the Optima battery.
It's Dog Motorsports. I may go this route in the future. I was considering this
as Auto Zone, O'rielly's have batterys where the cost is approaching that of
an Optima battery.

Thanks for everyones help. Pedro's board to the rescue again!
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