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Yesterday I went to the dealer for a routine maintenance. While waiting, I felt the urge to "do my business". Walked into the new restroom (dealership has recently been remodeled and expanded) and sat down. Pure comfort - a nice warm, heated seat. Then I looked to left and there was a little lcd touch panel with these choices:
hard flush
soft flush
front stream - strong, soft or oscillating
rear stream - strong, soft or oscillating

Didn't have the nerve to try the bidet function but I was impressed. At home, I looked up the toilet on the internet and it sells for in excess of $6000! Now I think I know why my service bills are so high. Maybe if I just skip the bathroom, I can get a discount.

I wonder what the Ferrari dealership offers?

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I had my Cayman serviced at an Indy yesterday. Transmission gear oil change, brake/clutch fluid flush and new front sway bar bushings installed......total $329. Went to bathroom at home!
You can get heated toilet seats for home, and they are not that expensive. I have this baby for only $125 (three settings), plus the cost of the electrician to put a plug near the toilet: Heated Seat. Much cheaper than the heated seat option in my car. It also has a blue LED light so you don't go blind at night (I'm old, so this was important) I had a cheaper one, with a flimsy power cord, and it broke after a year. My new one has a heavy duty cord.
plug in LED lights that auto senses when you come into the area. I use them for halls and baths where visitors might need to traverse/visit at night. I even have one in an area of the house where I would be entering/exiting some stairs but not wanting to turn on lights. Goes off in about the time you need to exit the area.

A $7 solution.
There is no free ( fill in the blank) with Porsche--you are paying for it one way or the other.

I guess this was just another approach to making the car buying/servicing experience with Porsche "memorable".
Or from a slightly different perspective, they have you coming and gong.
grinning smiley *NM*
Lawdevil & CURVN8R - 3 years ago
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