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This relates to 986 Boxster (or similar 911's) - has anyone come across a cupholder you can order for it - preferably one that you is designed to swap out the ash tray (or coin tray whatever it is) in the center console area by the parking brake handle? This seems like a good location in this car to have one and you can pop out that try easily enough - so wondering if any 3rd party sellers have came up w/ a cupholder that fits there?

(The only other kind I've used is the kind the old style cheap plastic ones that just slips into the window "slot" - my only issue w/ that is it scratches up the window tint)
No idea if the links are good still or if the products are still available but there were many different cupholders offered years ago. Here.

Also a wrecking yard would have the parts from a later 986 that were used after 2001.
Just received this in an e-mail from Suncoast this AM: [www.suncoastparts.com]
There are a couple of listings on eBay for the one that fits in the console. Price is $47.99 with free shipping.
how difficult it is going to be grabbing that cup blind so far back that it sits even with the seatback.

I'll confess I never found any including the dash mounted ones that were safe for the electronics, fit all my cups and bottles and were convenient. That included the dash mounted ones from the '01S that Porsche used.
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