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It amazed me

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I have some major changes in my live ..... all good ...... 1 of which is that I'm moving to Westwood (Los Angeles). As I'm pulling boxes from the attic, I have 4 boxes of Porsche magazines, including Christophorus. Is anyone interested in these? I hate to throw them out, but am having to move alot of stuff to storage and don't really have the space.

Here's the latest update for me:
1. I decided to go back to school for my PhD. I was 1 of 12 selected to start at UCLA this Fall.
2. There were some changes in my work (my supervisor quit). I don't particularly like the changes, so decided to look at options. I landed an incredible job with a BIG pay increase at UCLA Ronald Regan Medical Center.
3. Due to #1 & #2 being in Westwood, I decided to move.
4. I leased my house for 3 yrs within 4 days of putting it on the market. .... I have 2 wks left until I move
5. I got a sm 1 bdrm apt in Westwood Village. It's pricey but will be "cozy" until I buy a place in the area.

This all happened in the matter of 2 weeks and is not something I thought would happen so quickly. I was originally going to attempt to commute to UCLA (spending the night to avoid traffic).

If anyone would like the magazines, let me know.
Except for getting rid of the mags....so far winking smiley

Glad for you, Joanne!

"A mile of highway will take you one mile. A mile of runway will take you anywhere."
Hey Joanne. Sounds like you've got some big changes in your life and it's great to hear that they're all good. BIG congratulations on that new job! smileys with beer
Regarding the major changes in your life, good for you.

Regarding the magazines, my advice is to toss them. Really anyone that would be interested probably already has their own collection or has spent considerable time getting rid of their collection.

I no longer save any magazines for they can take over the house in no time. When I'm finished I take them to work and leave them.

Just toss them. You don't have the time to spend on essentially worthless magazines. Pare down your possessions and get on with your move and your new life. And best of luck!
They're with the recycle stuff smiling smiley Now I have empty boxes to pack more junk smiling smiley

Joanne in OC
They're with the recycle stuff smiling smiley Now I have empty boxes to pack more junk smiling smiley


You're welcome.

FWIW, when I took a job back in the mid-west and of course had to move from Sunnyvale CA to near Grain Valley, MO I cut my possessions down to a pallet of boxes -- mostly filled with books. The pallet I shipped back and had stored until I could get a place. The other stuff I wanted I kept what I could pack/fit in my then car a '96 Mustang GT with a pretty good sized trunk and two back seats that folded down.

I gave all my furniture and kitchen items and TV and stuff to a local church that ran a halfway house for troubled kids. The bed the church couldn't use -- it wanted only twin beds -- but the other furniture: chairs, kitchen table, lamps, tables, bookshelves, dresser and night stands the church used.

While it was nice stuff it was expensive to ship.

When I got there I took my Mom with me to pick out new furniture. I let her take the lead on furniture selection and she had a blast. She selected some nice stuff some of which I have to this day. I bought kitchen stuff as I needed it and picked up a cheap TV and assembled some new bookcases. I don't recall what I spent but wasn't much. 'course prices were cheaper then and this was the mid-west too,

In 2004 when I moved back to California I did rent a 18' moving van and used it to bring most of my stuff back. I gave my brother my washing machine and drier and sold the nice floor jack and some other things. Don't know why I didn't bring them back with me other than I suspected unlike in MO where apartments/places to rent often had a garage and room for stuff back in CA I knew from experience affordable apartments with any reasonable storage let alone a garage were scarce. And I refuse to rent storage except of very short periods of time, just a month or two, when I absolutely need temporary, and I do mean temporary, storage.

Really cutting down on what one moves makes moving lots easier.
I agree about the storage space only temporary. I'm hoping to buy a place in LA while my house is leased. The rent for a 1 bdrm apt is more than my current mortgage. With a positive cash flow on my house and paying rent, I'll be eaten in taxes. This move is hopefully, for 6 months. Then most of my stuff will come back to me. Just not sure about the garage stuff at that time, but with a condo may have a garage and problem is solved.

I was going to have movers move me but they quoted me a price then kept increasing. Now getting a UHaul and using laborers to do it. About 1/2 the price. It's about an hour drive without traffic on a Saturday.

UGH, not looking forward to the move
I keep old copies of Christophorus around to see the evolution of the watch. Occasionally there is something about cars in there, usually a Porsche.
It might be too late, but check with your local library. Not sure if they take magazines, but we've been cleaning house, too, and donated a bunch of books to our local library. Next will be trying to sell the china, crystal and silver. Nobody wants that stuff and we no longer use it. Already did the financial and tax docs, dating back to 1986. You never know how much stuff you have until you start to open cabinets and closets. Congrats on the new gig, lots of great Boxster roads in the LA area. Hope you won't be too busy with your studies and work to get out and enjoy them. Love to be able to do the PCH up to San Fran with the top down. That'll have to wait until retirement, though. Good luck on the move. You'll have to catch a UCLA/USC football game this fall.
Library didn't want them. I'm bringing them all my old textbooks and other books. .... YES, quite amazing how much stuff I have. Have alot of nursing/medical books from early 90s. Most are outdated, not even sure if the library can use them. Like you, I also tossed my tax returns back to 1970s. I think I kept back to 2010, even though I didn't need to keep them all. I ran out of recycle bins and filled the neighbors in the dark last night. I think I have a couple more closets. With all this tossing, I have lots of boxes. I think that's a good thing.

I live in Orange County, just south of LA. Have done quite a few of the roads around the LA area with many on the board. It's always a fun get together. .... Just recently have been in touch with some of the originals on PPBB. Kinda funny how time passes yet we picked up like it was yesterday.

When I bought my first Boxster '99, my first trip was up the coast to San Fran. It was such a great drive, but the roads are quite busy and couldn't go fast in the turns. But, with the views and scenery, was able to enjoy the road.

Great trip for your first Boxster. Mine was from CT (where I brought the car) to DC (where I live) on I-95 and the NJ Turnpike. Ugh. I did hit some western CT country roads first--windy roads along streams and a few covered bridges. It was late October '98 and I still put the top down for a bit. I'll take PCH any time, though. Call me crazy, but Manhattan Beach/Santa Monica areas are on our list of possible retirement places. If it happens, hope I'm not to old by then to enjoy those roads in a Porsche. Just have to live long enough to make it happen. My wife on the other hand, believes I'll die in my car before seeing the plan come together.
I offered a daughter-in-law her choice between two two sets of china (one actually made in occupied Japan) and her choice between two 12 piece place settings of sterling silver. No charge! No interest. Doesn't fit their lifestyle. If it doesn't go in the dishwasher ...

And she is probably right, in 40 years we have used them probably only ~50 times. Now we just get out the stoneware that were our '70s set.

BTW, don't you need any records relating to expenses associated with real estate to document your adjusted basis when you sell. That is all I keep now. Fits in one Xerox box.
Re: It amazed me
db997S - 3 years ago
Yeah, kids these days don't want that stuff. They want experiences. Seen bridal registries with helicopter rides, etc., instead of traditional things. There are secondary retailers that buy china, etc, to resell. Their main business is for people who need to replace broken pieces or would like to increase the number of place settings. I found one in NC that is about four hours from where I live. Luckily, the wife has a Prius, which I can eek out close to 50 mpg on 87 Octane on the highway to cut down the overhead.
My wife has visited it several times, but never sold anything to them. She took her sister there just last month and she did sell a box or two of stuff. Says the size and number of warehouses is staggering.

If you are short a piece or two, you can get on their list and they will watch your pattern and email you every once in a while with what they have in stock.
That be the place. Prices weren't all that great, but the darn stuff will have to be dealt with sooner or later, and it just sits there, unused, taking up space.
I use my china, crystal and silver for all the holidays. I like to have the formal place settings. My friends like it as well, keep having more people RSVP to dinner. On Easter, made prime rib for 16 with the formal setting. Here's my table setting. The center piece flowers are from my garden .... My daughter and granddaughter like the formal settings and ask to use it when they want a nice sit down dinner.

BTW.... I have used the replacement site for my everyday dishes by Mikasa. They are pricey but no other place to get it when it's no longer made.

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Wow! How does one snag a reservation at this place. Looks like a beautiful setting (dishes and background). I bet the taste of the food matches the presentation.
You're always welcome to come visit, but gotta make it quick. I'm moving in 2 weeks. But, I'll be back home in 6 or 7 years. It'll be a really big party then!!!!
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