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718 GT4 with the 3.8 NA flat6 is a year away.

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After all, it sounds almost as good as Porsche's NA 6 winking smiley

one of these rare cars as a luxury 5 people hauler..

I've had the pleasure of driving the Panamera, and it really does feel like a Porsche sports car with a (usable) back seat. Though it's big on the outside, it shrinks around the driver when driven.

Those who found the original to be awkwardly styled may find the new one more to their liking.


I agree about the styling. The old one had that "hunch back" look. The new one has eliminated that and looks much better.

I was really surprised when I read that article. I never realized they made any Panameras with a manual.
Well, I also like the new Panamera quite a bit. So much so, that I've ordered one. The dealer tells me it should be here in January. Oh, the waiting begins....
That's exciting
Roger987 - 3 years ago
I hope you're share the details of your build - colour, interior, engine, drivetrain etc.
Sure. Panamera 4S, air suspension with PASM, Sport Chrono, Premium Package Plus (a number of luxury items), matrix LED headlights, front seat ventilation, heated steering wheel, and rear wiper. Exterior color is Mahogany Metallic, and the interior is the Black/Chalk leather combination that you see in many of the published pictures and videos. I ordered it about a week after the official announcement in Berlin, and the dealer told me that I was already the third order they had received. Considering that we had the July 4th holiday in between, people do not seem to be waiting to get in line.
Sounds like a rich looking colour combination. It should chew up the miles as a comfortable ride to haul 4 - 5 people for long distances.
You checked all the right boxes, including the ideal suspension (in my opinion).

That car will be stunning, and a pleasure to drive everywhere - near and far.

Congratulations !
Thank you. Now the waiting begins...It's going to be a long second half of the year.
Nice build
jg wnc - 3 years ago
I am especially partial to mahogany metallic. It is not one of the colors that you see every day. The wait is tough. I ordered my Boxster GTS last May and it was delivered last November. Have your dealer send you the updates once the build is scheduled. It is kinda fun to watch the computer record get updated as the parts are ordered and the car goes through the build process.
Scroll to the bottom for the video, now that is an engine: 3 1/2 min. of heaven. 911R going balls out
Too bad. That would have been cool.
That is Great news.

Can't wait to play with the configurator...its has been very boring since the 718's came out...not that there is anything wrong with the 718 based on what I have been "hearing"grinning smiley

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