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Our BMW 328iX is due for front brakes. Trying to decide between OEM and ABT pads. ABT claims less dust and similar performance to OEM's.

Our first set of front OEM's have gone 90,000 miles and generate a fair amount of brake dust on the wheels.

I'd appreciate any experience anyone has had with these pads.
Hi G, I switched the OEMs on my ML AMG to ceramics for less dust and better durability. The results were good but in the morning when the rotors were cold there was a noticeable difference in braking until they warmed up, just my experience. Eventually I got used to it but it can get you by surprise at first.
Found this critique in a search:

I've heard good things about Centric pads; Grant uses Stop-Tech on his 986.
I had the front brakes replaced yesterday with OEM's since I couldn't find much information on the ABT's my indy recommended as an alternative. Figure the originals went 150 K km = 90 K mi. so this set should last quite a while again.
Actually, i migrated away from StopTech about a year+ ago, looking for a pad that had better very hgih temp friction characteristics. I use either Porterfield R4 or Pagid Black/Yellow, neither of which are remotely street friendly.

The ST 309s were really amazing though - a full street-friendly, quiet pad that worked to nearly 1200 degrees - completely safe for the track. But friction trailed off with temp.
Even the Porterfield engineer said the ST309s were hands-down the best street/tracl pad out there. I also used their posi-quiet line once and it was very similar to OEM (audi).

I would suspect the low-dust pad in their line would be the ceramic. I've never found a great, low-dust pad (its either low-dust or great, not both), but especialyl for concours I get the desire.



Insomnia plus jet lag.

Late to the party, but I have abt pads on both axles of a 5700+lb q7 tdi and at least the rear axle of my jetta tdi.

I'm not 100% sold on them on the q7. Definitely less brake dust than oem, but lacking in initial bite. Had the pucker factor a couple times. Also don't like them on that vehicle in the wet. My wife doesn't complain about the brake performance. The dust factor is huge. The oem pads would turn her rims black, and despite having coupons for her for the touchless car wash, she seems to avoid it like the plague. She got 110,000km out of the front oem pads.

No problems with them on my dd jetta, in the wet or dry.

I think I was one of the 1st with Mike to try them out.
update - I've had rear pads on my daily driver 06 Jetta for about 18 months and 55,000km... Decided to replace them as they had about 5mm of pad left on each pad, I was also getting a cold squawk on initial application of the brakes at the 1st 2 stop signs on my morning commute... sometimes also on my afternoon commute as well.

at 5mm, the pads had about 30% left. Ideally I could have probably gotten another 10-15,000km out of them, but I don't think my jetta likes worn pads - I start getting symptons of sticky calipers/parking brake mechanism/ occasional hot rotor.

When I removed the pads, I noticed the pad material was beginning to delaminate from the metal backing plate, this might be causing my sticky brake issue and cold squawk. Could be rust/corrosion from being winter driving in the snow belt.

Anywho, replaced the pads with another set of ABT's at $53 cdn for a set from my local garage, it's a good deal.

I'm tempted to try them on my 01Boxster S if they make it for that application, but right now, I've got good pad remaining on all 4 wheels when I checked about 1 month ago. Love that they don't dust much.

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