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Re: I need a battery

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I need to replace the battery in my 2000 986S. Years ago I believe the cage was expanded to accommodate a larger battery. The current one is a big Interstate with 850 CCA.

Looking online, that model (MPT-93) has been discontinued. The replacement has a much lower CCA.

I am also concerned about fit. I do not understand the battery sizes. H6, H7, H8, 46, 48, 93??? How do these codes relate to one another?

I went to Wheel Works as they carry Interstate, but they did not have the large model, and will not install an OEM size as there have been mods (they will sell it to me over the counter which is what I want).

Consumer Reports recommends DieHard, Optima and a Walmart brand.

Any suggestions? Any help on how the size codes work?
It seems it is still on Interstate's web site as [www.interstatebatteries.com] where the width, height and length are detailed.
Thanks, yes it does show on the site, but so far the half dozen places I have checked do not have one. So the search continues.
I was able to get ahold of an Interstate rep who explained that I should just get the new model of the old battery. Now it is the MTP-48/H6. And I have located one nearby.

I still am bamboozled by the sizing codes.
That is a 730CCA. It doesn't say if it has a vent, if it is right or left hand positive and there is no picture available. Also compare the dimensions to your current one.

When I swapped mine, I needed a longer cable. Just went to an Autozone and bought a generic one with the old one in hand so I knew the length, what the ends looked like and "wire thickness".

Get anti-corrosion "rings" (to go over the posts before the cable clamps get secured) while you are there.

Get a vent adapter tube in case the vent tube is in a different location from the standard Moll.

My blog on batteries says:

The 986 (Model years 1997-2004) takes a BCI Group 48 (12.1X 6.9 X 7.6"winking smiley, the 987 (2005-) takes a BCI Group 94R ( 12.4 X 6.9 X 7.5 "winking smiley; both right hand positive terminal. The 94R is also slightly lower in CCA.

The 986 Tiptronic battery is bigger than the manual transmission version. They are listed this way in the general section of the official repair manuals:
Ah/A 60/280 Manual
Ah/A 70/320 Tiptronic
So buy a bigger CCA battery if you live in colder climes, drive a TIP Boxster, or have a bigger amp in the car.
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