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Last night my windshield wipers began to act erratic. It began with the passenger side starting to click as it bottomed out in the tray. Then the same wiper only traveled partially through it’s cycle… while still clicking as it bottomed out in the tray. It would then function as normal then start traveling erratic a few cycles later. The driver side wiper functioned as normal. At one point the passenger side wiper began to extend it’s travel all the way across the windshield overlapping the driver side… no where to pull off. Then the two wipers made contact and the driver side sprung back lodging between the side mirror and windshield upright.

The Boxster is a 2000, it has held up well and is very much a garage queen after being a daily driver for years.

How would you suggest I progress in troubleshooting this?… has anyone else experienced the same problem? Queries of the postings did not provide any similar experiences.

I checked to make certain the hardware was intact and everything seems secure… although it is hard to determine as the arms rotate / move, as there does not seem to be a hard stop in either direction.

My next step is to align everything and see if it re-occurs… but that will only confirm I have a problem.

I appreciate any insight as to how to move forward in figuring this one out… before i start taking things apart.
I've seen this but just once or twice and a long time ago.

I just referred to my Bentley book and it shows the wiper hardware.

Off the top of my head I'd guess a wiper arm has come loose on the shaft and is rotating or has rotated out of position.

You might consider removing the covers and exposing this wiper hardware/linkage and taking a pic or two and posting.

If you remove the covers and expose the wiper hardware you might check if the wiper assembly can obtain the proper "park" position. There is a small '0' stamped in the sheet metal very close to one of the pivot joints but from the pic in the Bentley book I can't tell which one.
I positioned the arms where I believe they should be when turned off... then tightened both nuts that secure the wiper arm. The wiper now has a hard stop... which indicates to me that Marc's suspicion that the arms had come loose on the shaft and were rotating, is accurate.
I tested them at variable and high speed while washing the car... and they are now working as normal.
I'm surprised the nuts securing the wiper would loosen... but hope the solution is this simple.

Marc... thank you for your help, appreciated. Being able to call upon the resources of this board and what was once PPBB, has made owning the Boxster a great experience.
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