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Re: Window Tint

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Seems that my move to Florida has resulted in the need to tint my Boxster's windows.

I'm looking at ceramic films, so as not to interfere with my cell phone and GPS, and so far the local tint stores have suggested Global Window Films CDP and Llumar CTX. The specs on the Global are a bit better and it costs less, $189 for the two side and the rear window; the LLumar is $215. I'm sure if I go to a third store I'd get another recommendation - they each seem to have a "prime" vendor. drinking smiley

Any recommendations as to which manufacturer to choose, or is there another I should look into?


Ed smileys with beer

Ed from Long Island (Tampa) 05S Cobalt/Blue/Blue
My guy uses this...


Ed from Long Island (Tampa) 05S Cobalt/Blue/Blue
I don't know
Harvey in FL - 1 year ago
which film is best; but, I recommend Auto Paint Guard in Tampa. They can be reached at 813-505-3868 and talk with Ryan the owner.

Good luck

Ed from Long Island (Tampa) 05S Cobalt/Blue/Blue
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