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Malta Classic Car Museum

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Last week my wife and I were in Malta. Among many other attractions we visited was the Malta Classic Car Museum. The Car Museum has a facebook page: Malta Classic Car Museum . I have 62 photos of cars in the museum but it would be impractical to try and post them here so I picked one. Here is my photo of the Museum entrance with the Bugatti Targa Florio. By the way they drive on the left in Malta. I had a little Peugeot rental and survived. I lived in London for a couple years so I had some experience with it.

While there were a lot of Porsches, including many Boxsters, on the road, there weren't any in the Museum, maybe because the Germans bombed Malta heavily in WW II. You can tour the bomb shelters around the island. There is a church, the Mosta Rotunda, that has a bomb on display that came through the dome but did not explode.

You should put Malta on your bucket list, There are many UN World Heritage sites there, St. John's Cathedral built in the 1500's is a must see, there is a video on their web site showing all the fabulous art work. St John's web site.

You can contrast St John's with a much older, Circa 3500 BC place of worship, Ta Hagrat Temple

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Curious about Malta....
Tony in Whittier - Monday at 11:32:14 am
Was it easy to find reasonably priced accommodations? If you drove, were there a lot of crowded traffic areas (i.e. is getting a rental car a good option)? I would like to visit there someday soon.
Re: Curious about Malta....
Jeff (Philly) - Monday at 12:16:03 pm
Once you get there everything was cheap at the current exchange rate $1.11 = 1 Euro. There are some areas that are very busy and parking is very difficult like the Capital, Valleta. In the summer it gets very busy because of the sun seekers. Our car was $59 for the entire week incl insurance from Meli Car Rentals, used to be Budget. They drive on the left side of the road which is a risk if you forget where you are and go to the right. Some of the roads we traveled on were't that great. Our airfare was $500 each via Turkish Air out of JFK with a stop in Istanbul. Look at a map we stayed on Mellieha Bay which was more out of the way and subdued than other places. The entire country is very small. I have a 30 minute video of our tour on Youtube which should give you a better idea.You should google Malta and do more research that way.
A 30 minute video tour of Malta
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