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Thinking about ordering a Porsche Sport Exhaust system for my 2013 981 S. Suncoast sells the complete system for $2,195 but adds $550 for the chrome tip, bringing the total to $2,745 plus shipping. Our local Porsche dealer would do the install for $1,300. Total investment over $4,100. Wow. Has anyone else taken this step and, if so, are you happy with the results? Also wondering whether the chromed tips are worth it?
Duh. Not sure how "Sport sport exhaust" ended up as thread title but this was obviously in error. Apologies.
Wow, for that cost, I'd consider the below instead..

It all depends on individual taste. For me the PSE enhances the sound of the fabulous flat six. I love it.

As far as the chrome tips, again it's individual taste. One of the nice thing is the crome tips are easy to clean. All you need is a sponge and clean water.
That's an expensive stereo. It doesn't enhance performance, so the sport is an oxymoron.
If I do end up buying the danged thing, it will clearly be the most frivolous purchase I've ever made! winking smiley

"A mile of highway will take you one mile. A mile of runway will take you anywhere."
I remember listening to a sound comparison on a Porsche web site and there are UTube videos that capture the additional resonance (which sounds great when the car is driven hard). It's certainly appealing but I'm less inclined now to fork over the dough now than I was when I first posted. Not sold on the ROI. Having said that, would look hard at including the sport exhaust option if buying new or finding a newer pre-owned Boxster or 911.

As for the Armytrix system, it also sounds great but for similar dollars I guess I would prefer to stick with a factory system and the installed console button for turning it on and off.

Thanks for all the comments! Very helpful. I will share my thoughts if I ever change my mind.
It will limit the enthusiasm of some potential buyers or attract just the one who wants it. My guess is a newer car will attract the older buyer less interested while the older car priced less attracts someone younger more eager for the sound.

I attributed the total lack of tickets while driving my Boxsters to stealth color (AS) and stock muffler.
mikefocke, '01S Sanford, NC
I attributed the total lack of tickets while driving my Boxsters to stealth color (AS) and stock muffler.

Maybe you're just plain lucky, Mike.

That combo on my 06 Boxster didn't give me the same result.
If I do end up buying the danged thing, it will clearly be the most frivolous purchase I've ever made! winking smiley

If it will give you pleasure in hearing a cooler sounding growl every time you step on that pedal, then it's worth it in my book. I'm just not sure how much extra sound you'd get from the factory PSE for all that dollar, hence why I posted that info on the Armytrix exhaust which sounds phenomenal for similar coin. Either choice would prob be good though. Post a vid if you end up installing.
If I do end up buying the danged thing, it will clearly be the most frivolous purchase I've ever made! winking smiley

...hmmmm not sure it would be the most frivolous purchase you've made

There are lots of (new) cars that will get you from here to there, costing $15K - $30K, including quite a few sports or muscle cars. You couldn't buy a new Boxster for much less than $60K. Nobody NEEDS a Boxster. So you've already spent at least $30K more on a frivolous car. Why not spend an extra $3 - 4K to make it the best it can be?

Just my $0.02 worth.

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what does the $2,195 buy you?? Is there a site where you can hear the difference over standard?
My car exhaust sounds fine the way it is. It sounds a little bit better when I push the Sport button on the console which also turns off the auto engine stop and restart feature.
confused smiley ??

Jeff Benson:

2016 Boxster, See it here: www.greatvalleyhouse.com/Boxster

First car: 1952 Hudson Hornet

First roadster: 1962 Austin Healy 3000 III

Still have: Computer free 1974 MGB

Previous Porsches since 1982: 924, 944, 944S, and four Boxsters; 97, 03, 08 & 2012

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it's the kind of sound that you'd expect from a sports car.
Deeper than stock when in sport mode, but you still have the ability to tone it down if needed.

With the top down, I'd think it would sound amazing; ever done a WOT in a tunnel with it on Guenter?grinning smiley
Well, it so happens that they do have tunnels along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Besides the difference in the sound, there's the added benefit of increased fuel economy when cruising with PSE engaged. In steady state driving in level ground, PSE engaged I found that you get1 mpg better fuel economy, so eventually, it will pay for itself in fuel savings. OK, I know what you're going to say. "What if I can't control my right foot?" Hey, that's no my problem.

On, the other hand, I do find I have trouble keeping a tight rein on my right foot when driving the Boxster. smiling smiley
IMHO, for $4100 (installed) you have a world of options to choose from. Not sure how important the 'quiet' mode is to you... I have factory PSE on my '01 986 S and disconnected the valves so they are open (i.e. loud) all the time. Have you considered Fabspeed, Agency Power, etc?
Yes, we've considered after-market sport exhaust systems. I would be happy with that but there's the wife to consider. Plus I like the idea of having a Porsche system that can be turned off. Resale might be better, too.
I purchased my Boxster used and the sport exhaust was previously installed along with 030 suspension, 18" wheels and Boxster inscribed door scuff plates. Overall those modification made for a very nice car. Simple aesthetics really do dress up and enhance your perception of the car... a car that I appreciate every time I drive it.
The sport exhaust is very subtle... in my opinion. Coming from a glasspack mentality and appreciation I love a throaty sound of garbling exhaust... the sport exhaust doesn't stray that far. I'm OK with that... but the inner boy in me wouldn't mind it.
On the visual side... my sport exhaust is of the older version and has pipes running side to side, meeting at the middle with two twin tips with highlighting accent holes. It is very high-end in appearance, in my opinion.

In my opinion... the sport exhaust is a nice enhancement. Visit the dealer and listen to the comparison. In my opinion... if you are asking for input, you have already bought it in your own mind... or at least if you are like me, you probably have. And... you are on your way to countless modifications that you'll enjoy as a result of being a member of this board.
I have it on my Cayman GTS and I love it! On a long trip you can turn it down, and there is no droning. Then, whenever your want to hear some "Symphony in Flat 6" as Guenter calls it, all you have to do is push the button. Its expensive, but you get the best of both worlds.
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